Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Longing for Warmer Weather.

This is another longing for warmer weather blog. I can't help it. I know a cold storm is blowing in soon, but we just had an awesome couple of hours out at big rocks. It was a little windy, but we enjoyed every minute of it and you can, just, feel spring is in the air. Notice that things haven't really started turning green we never do really green up until this point it seems like July.This is Angee's first trip to Big Rocks. She was so cute. I couldn't help getting a picture of her with every one.
I love this dog. We had reservations about getting a Labrador because they're such big dogs(we like Medium to small, though, not toy) But I haven't regretted it yet except for the normal puppy annoyings.

For some reason I love taking pictures out at Big Rocks. The colors may seem drab to some but I, absolutely love the unique colors on the rocks and the numerous colors of greens and Oranges.

It may be hard to see in the pictures, but there is definitely something magnetic about the place.

And the pictures are so darn cute. Oh that's just my kids!

O.K. I got to this point and realized I haven't put any pictures of The baby, and She came with us, but we wore her out.

Caib and Roger missed out they went to a Bull sale in Salina. I'm sure they think were the ones who missed out. Dad and Caib just got back with the new bull His papered name is Great Plains.


Julie Harward said...

Cathy..I just love your posts, so real and sweet! The children are so beautiful..Angee is a good looking Lab and the bull is quite the Dude! The baby is kissably delicious..I miss babies! We love Big Rocks too, the best place for kids and imaginations!

Adams Family said...

Oh what a cute bull. I could just squeeze his little chubby cheeks. What a sweetie. Ha ha. (That is supposed to be funny because I only commented on the bull and not the cute kids.)