Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Super mom, Not Super Mom

Sometimes I think I'm Super Mom! (I probably am) . At the beginning of this week I had some great aspirations. Roger was leaving for Saltlake and wouldn't be home until Thursday. So I planned my week. I was going to start in Monday and take every thing out of the one bedroom downstairs that no one sleeps in, Paint the walls and move Aubree into it. Then I was going to paint the room Aubree was in, move Caib into it, and put Chance downstairs in the room that Caib was in. Plus, I was going to clean Rogers and My room out Maybe paint it and ...........
Anyway, I got Everything moved out of the vacant room, and then I asked Aubree what color she wanted to paint it.
Well, instead of a castle on the wall( that's what is on the wall of the bedroom she's been in) I want a cottage and I want a pond on one wall and some trees on a wall and I want a big rock on a wall. It will be my thinking rock.
What? Well, I am Super Mom after all so O.K. I can manage some of that.
Here's the Cottage.

And here's the trees.

And I didn't get a picture of the pond but it didn't turn out to well anyway. and the big rocks just going to have to wait, 'cause here it is Thursday and I still have two rooms to clean, paint and organize, two kids to move into two rooms and my own room to finish.

So, In Aubree's eyes I am a Super Mom But I guess I'm not Super Mom!


Monday, July 27, 2009

I Can't Figure it Out, But What Did You Expect

I was walking through the house doing the typical straightening and cleaning and whatever else I was doing, when I walked through the hall from my room on the way to the kitchen. and did a double take. HM......Well............I can't figure it out. But I kind of got a kick out of it. so I left it there.
And, Well.......What did you expect?

Yeah, Roger saw it and he couldn't help it. First of all he took it off and put it on Grandpas face right there above where it had been taped. Then he thought Braden might get a kick out of it so moved it. I laughed because that is exactly what Grandpa would have done.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chancee's Chatterings

Chance: Mom, look what I found.(opens his hand and shows me a spring out of a mechanical pen).

Me: WOW! cool, Chance, Do you know what that is?

Chance: Um, No

Me: It's a tiny little spring. Just like the springs that are coming off our tramp. Only that one is teensy tiny.

Chance: Whoa, Cool.................. (leaves the room)

A few minutes Later Chancee comes bounding back into the room.

Chance: Hey,Mom (thoughtful and inqisitive) How about we make an ant tramp.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Tired and........Oh Well, we're having FUN!

What a busy summer!! Ah, well we are having fun! It all started the first of this month with Baseball Tournaments. Braden was on the All star team and we had games in Nephi the first week of July. Right after his second night of games we headed up North........
To the Zoo

Oaklee really liked the...

Chance Loved the Elephants

Aubree Loves Zebras.

Caib spent the whole day pestering us about the Kangaroos. He really wanted to see them.

And the Gorillas adopted Braden.

We all enjoyed the Train ride. Just look at Chancee's face...Pure Joy.
And now notice the smile (grimace) on Rogers face

Then we had a ton of food, fun, and wet, time at my families reunion.

Next was Oaklee's Birthday. She got those four presents, We lined them up in a row and let her choose her favorite. She absolutely loves balls. She spent most of her birthday Picking up her ball throwing it as best she could and then chasing it. we ended the day with cake and Ice cream.

And then we had the state tournament this week with a day of exciting baseball. Braden Played exceptionally well. He only struck out one time in both the games they played and made some great plays at second.
I Love Summer time. We're busy and mostly happy.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chancee's Imagination.......Wouldn't it be Nice?

O.K. This one I'm not really sure about. I didn't even ask. I just grabbed the camera and snapped the picture before it was too late.

Then I got thinking, Wouldn't it be nice if we could all be as childlike as our kids? I mean, look at the kid. He's so serious. He worked hard to get the tools in just the right place, though they fell out a dozen or more times as he tried, and he could careless about what anybody else thinks of his attire. He's just living life as best he can. concentrating on the things he's doing, not worrying about anyone elses looks or actions, he's just trying to focus on what he feels he ought to be doing. And dosen't he just look content and unburdened.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh, What do YOU do in the Summer Time?

Do you go for a walk
With a calf and a goat?
I happened to glance out the window as they walked by. Everything went just as smooth as could be until they walked past a freshly cut field of hay and then the animals wanted to go have a quick snack.

Braden and Caib were actually just moving the two companions from the corral out to a lot to graze in.

Another thing I love to do, plant flowers.
This has always been my favorite flower. It's a Clematis. I planted it last year thinking it wouldn't make it through the Winter. I was wrong.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chancee's Chatterings

Earlier today Braden was doing a maze on the computer. When he got to the end of the Maze the reward was, You got your pants scared off of you when a scary looking lady appears on the screen and screams with fear. Well, it worked, it scared Braden to death and he stupidly showed it to Caib, Chance and Aubree.

Later durring the day Chance comes into my room where I am ironing and our conversation goes just like this:

Chance: Mom, That person scared me.

Me: What person?

Chance: That person that went, AHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHHH. I don't like that person it scares me.

Me: Great, Well I'll just let Braden sleep with you tonight.

Chance: No mom, I can't let Braden sleep with me he squirms.

Me: What?

Chance: Because he squirms to much. He can't sleep with me.

Me: Well, When you sleep with me you squirm too much.

Chance: Really!!! OH! That's nice of you , mom. That's so nice.

and he leaves the room.

Uhhhh........ I think I've just been hoodwinked.