Monday, September 27, 2010

Here a Little There a Little & Chancee's Chatterings

Just notice the trim around the doors.

Every little bit makes things look better. I finally painted the trim on the doors. Next step is the cement work, next week hopefully.
Yesterday we went over to the bishops house. We always do a third Sunday get together( I know it was the fourth Sunday yesterday but last week was stake conference) with the bishopric families minus the bishopric. They're at the church all day. We do a quick lesson and then let the kids play for a little bit. well, yesterday was not an extremely good day for Chance's head. He fell off the swing and landed on his head. Then he and another little boy bonked heads and It was hard enough that tears were involved. very shortly after that we headed home. Chance whimpered the whole way home and as soon as we walked in the house decided that a drink of water would help his head feel better. It did!! after he took a drink I looked down at Chance and could see the "thinking look" appear on his face and sure enough, he looked up at me and said....
"Mom, When you take a drink does your heart get wet?"
"Of course it does." says I, and Chance bounces a way with his headache gone and his heart wet.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

O.K. I'll quit painting for a few minutes and Blog.

I've got to go finish painting, but I thought I'd take just a second to blog what I've been painting ALL WEEK!!! What a job. I still have the edges left to do. I'm trying to avoid crown molding. I know my cabinets will hide a lot but I still want it to look good every where else.

An over all view The table is there just simply for me to use, that is where the Island will be when this is all done.

Counter tops, cabinets, and floor. The Cabinets and Countertops have been ordered I'm still deciding on counter tops but I'm thinking that is pretty much what they'll look like.

A closer view.

I'm hoping this will all start to move faster now that I have the painting mostly done. The flooring will be here this week, hopefully, Roger and I are doing the floors ourself unless it's not to much to have it done. We're tiling the bathroom/ laundry room and the mud room. We picked a tile that will hide every thing from calf sh*@! to well.....mud! It's actually very pretty considering:D

So there you go!!! I'm Headed back in to the kitchen to paint some more.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Off To Montrose Colorado

I have "Why did I agree to this " moments but this Montrose Colorado trip is more of a "why did I agree to this" weekend.
Yes I allowed myself to be talked into going to a national Cowboy Poetry Rodeo In Montrose, CO. Come to find out Australia and Canada are involved this year, as well. It is a competition involving Cowboy poetry Writers and reciters. The Cowboy Poet who came up with the whole concept and turned it into a national event called me personally to invite me and my two oldest boys to come and compete this year. I think the only reason I consented was because last year he called and invited us as well. I turned him down last year. He pleaded and begged this year so now I'm having one of those moments.

But..... We're going. We leave tomorrow. I have to admit I'm looking forward to the "mini Vacation" and I do enjoy cowboy poetry. I just am not to sure about getting up on stage myself and having to cleverly perform some of my poetry, enough so that it stays with the judges and is memorable to them. I think Caib and Braden will do well. Braden especially, he seems to have an easier time on stage then Caib. But I think once Caib learns to relax and allows himself to just be Caib, that he'll end up being a great entertainer. I absolutely love Caibs sense of humor. He's the type that can confuse people unless they listen closely and realize that he's joking. And he's an extremely quick thinker.

Ah well, The best part about this is that when I get back the inside of my house will be ready to paint. So....Guess what I'll be doing next week. And then I'm doing the floors myself. Maybe I can get those done as well. Can you tell I'm getting anxious about getting things done. I'm sooo tired of living without a kitchen. I do believe it will be worth it but I Can't wait to get things back in order.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Really Should Wait......

..............The doors aren't painted yet. They finished with the facia today. It looks so good That I just can't help it. I had to post some more pictures. I'm thinking I'll paint the front doors themselves dark brown with the trim the same color as the Soffit. What do you think? I'm not very good at design stuff and color patterns but I think that those colors will look good. I've been looking at swatches. :0
AView of the back. I'm Going to leave these doors the color they are. See, I really should have waited until I had it all cleaned up again. But the house looks so good I'm hoping you don't notice that. And yes we still need cement poured or decks built.See The scaffolding is gone.

That Makes the biggest difference. I got so tired of mowing around that durn scaffolding.
WELL, YAY!!!!! the outside work is done (except my part) Now if we can just get the inside done and I could get back to a normal life.......Well, as normal as we used to be, anyway.

Not only the house but I just noticed the sky in this picture. I'm sure it looks so brilliant because my house makes it look that way.

I was messing around with picture taking. My Oldest two boys and I have a cowboy poetry contest this weekend in Montrose Colorado. I kind of like the way this one looks. Maybe I can fool the judges into thinking I always wear a cowboy hat. ;)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chancee's Chatterings and Another Family Picture Attempt

On the way to Richfield Friday night Chance asked me a pretty serious question. I could tell he'd thought about it for awhile before he finally says:

"Mom, when I grow up and get big will you remember me when I was a kid?"

"Oh, Chance, I may not remember any other kid when they get big, but I know that I'll never forget you as a kid."

One of the boys

one of Dad and his daughters

A quick one I snapped because I love spontaneous shots,

When the harvest is over where will we be??
I LOVE the hay fields when all the hay is bailed and it's waiting to be hauled. Especially in the evening light.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

And the Color Is......

This is it. my actual house with the actual colors.
Yes, we are planning on painting the doors and they obviously haven't finished doing the facia, but it's so close to being done.. HOORAY

another angle of the front.

the East side.

the Back, they're still working on the west side of the back.
I can't wait until they are finished and the scaffolding is gone. I've had that scaffolding out there for a whole month.

It's funny too me how many people asked me what colors we'd chosen for our house. Do you realize how many different shades of colors there are. we weren't even sure what color's we'd chosen after we'd chosen them. But... this is the final product. I really, really like it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 different angles

Standing in the mud room door looking out.
standing in the new dining room. The door on the left is the new office, the door next to it goes into the new laundry room complete with a bathroom(yeah!!) and the door next to the fridge is my new pantry.

Standing on my hearth.
The stucco workers came today and worked on the soffit and facia and put the final coat on my windows. They look nice!! They should be finished with everything outside by the end of this week. except for the cement work. We're still waiting for a bid on that. When they're done and have the scaffolding down I'll take a picture. It'll look nicer.
So I've spent a lot of time standing in the new kitchen trying to decide what shape to do my Island. We have to be creative to get enough cupboard space. It feels good to be getting closer to being done.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Irish Countryside, Sheep, Family Picture, & Bailing hay

We've had such a wet summer that the hills are beautiful.

This picture doesn't show how really green they look but it reminds me of the countryside in Ireland.

Bringing the sheep off of Boulder Mountain this year was not a good experience! They went up last Saturday morning and didn't get home until Midnight. The sheep scattered, Caib was on a horse that didn't know a thing about herding and towards the end of the day she simply laid down and refused to go any further. They took Caib's saddle off of her and left both her and his saddle in Dark Valley and We had to go back up Sunday to get them. The boys had bets on whether or not the horse was even still alive. She was and when they found her she wasn't more then a hundred yards from Caib's saddle. Days like that are days that teach a lot. It was fun listening to the conversations that followed the experience.

This is Sunday right near where we picked up Caib's saddle. I had my camera so I figured I would get a family picture. "Come on everyone, time for pictures"

We had one try (my battery was running low)

I guess we'll have to try again another time. I don't think I've laughed so hard at a picture as I laughed at this one. It looks like I lined us all up and yelled grunt!!!

Oh well, Pictures that make us laugh are usually the ones that keep the memories alive.

I wish I had a picture today of my first time bailing Hay. Yep that's right, I've been married to a farmer/rancher for fifteen years and this is the first time I've ever bailed.
This picture is a picture of a tractor similar to the one I drove. My next goal is to drive the swather and cut hay. I love to mow lawns, how different can it be?