Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Let Go My Finger

Let Go My Finger

Momma, please be patient, I'm such a little guy,
But I'm letting go your finger, to walk, to run, to try.

I'm not scared I'll slip and fall and scrape my little knee,
I need you, mom, to just let go... Let go and trust in me.

See mom, now I'm walking. We did it. See me go! 
Now I'm free to run and jump, and swim, and play, and grow. 

Those cuts and bruises heal, mom. Don't worry, I'll be fine.
'Cause you'll be there to pick me up. How glad I am your mine.

Now, Mom, continue patience. I'm older now, it's true.
But still, please let go my finger, there's things I need to do. 

Yes, the bumps and bruises will hurt my spirit knee. 
But don't forget I'm not afraid. I need your trust in me. 

I see the worry in your eyes. I see your pain filled heart,
As you let go my finger and I get a shaky start. 

Now momma, don't you worry, you've taught me wrong from right.
And how to rise again when I've fallen in the fight.

Yes, sometimes I'll fall harder and be beaten black and blue,
But know that I will rise again as I feel that trust from you.

One day, Mom, you will look at me. You'll see how much I've grown,
Because of all your trust in me and all the love you've shown.

Let go my growing fingers, mom, trust and let me grow,
This spirit that's inside of me is stronger than you know. 

-Cathy Brian-