Tuesday, May 29, 2012

memorial Day

Traditionally we went and put up these moose

Here's the other one.  I liked the flag in the background

Discussing ancestors this was the grave of the ancestor that Oaklee BELLE was named for.

Oaklee was gathering up stray flowers and putting them hear and there.

Chance Kirk's Named after this Man.

I think that tree has doubled in size....at least

We then left Lyman and went to the Loa Cemetery where Many more  family members reside These are the Great Grandparents who lived in the house we now live in.

looking for more family members.

Memorial day means more then a day off at work here.  There is always a little service at each of the cemeteries in Wayne County. There's a feeling of reverence as we spend time at each cemetery finding ancestors and remembering them, and their lives. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Clear Path

Clear Path

Oh why did I not see the paths I could have trod?
Were they veiled in a mist from heavens dew?
Were the lives I might have had hidden by the hand of God
Because He knew that my joy would be with you

Do I have faith enough in this path that He has shown
To overcome all the hurts I’ve caused and felt?
Can I trust this is the way? Can I see how much I’ve grown?
And remember answers I’ve received as I’ve knelt?

The path I have chosen is rocky, yes, and steep.
But it seemed back then the only way to go.
It leads me ever on into lands that I may keep
And those misted paths would not have helped me grow.

So patiently let’s move each step to higher ground
We will focus on a sweeter destination.
Together hand in hand is easier, I have found.
For I cannot, without you, reach exaltation.

© Cathy Brian 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Caib's Graduation.

They walk in to be seated
I hate my camera.  actually I hate that I broke it.  Oh well.  I did the best I could getting pictures.  It no longer zooms and dosen't seem to focus to well.

Listening to the history of this class at the middle school

Caib was on the program.  He was asked to do a couple of Cowboy poems.  He got a great response from the crowd

So enthusiastic about the whole thing.

I finally got a picture of Caib with one of his friends.  Caib just wanted to go home and begin Summer Vacation
 I sat and watched Caib through this little Graduation ceremony and thought about Caib and his personality.  He's such a good kid.  He does get a little hot headed at times but he is a Brian/James.  He hates, Hates, HATES to be in the spotlight.  He's a kid of few words.  VERY FEW.  In fact one kid signed his yearbook "Caib you need to talk more."  But if he does talk Plug yer Dang ears,  He git's Loud!!!  His sense of humor's Great. But you have to be paying attention.  He thinks he isn't smart and can't say things smoothly but he is Smart and people love his simple comment's that strike a cord of truth. It blows me away that Caib will be in High School next year.  I remember the good ol' day's when Braden started Kindergarten and Caib would Want me to get him a cup of hot chocolate and put in Bambi.  EVERY DAY!!  Boy I'm glad he got over that.  

I couldn't help it.  I had to throw in this picture of Chance an'd the little Filly.  I looked out a little later and Chance had Oaklee in there petting her, too.
 I just had to throw this in.
I'm pretty sure you can't tell but Chance must have got this great Idea to build a zip line,  I looked out and he had his Lariat tied to a tree branch and was pounding the other end into the ground with a stake.  It actually worked about once every 5 times.  What a Kid.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Spring Things with a new poem

Come see what we have

Yeah, You're gonna love it
It's so exciting

A brand spankin' new little filly Born this morning

The goslings are all a flutter

The chicks and Poults (baby turkey) Too.
When spring comes around at our place
Life ain't never slow

 Cows are pushin' fences as if
they've someplace to go.

So we saddle up and take em
 to the mountain to roam

so's we can get things settled
'till Fall, when they come home.

Lambs are runnin' here and there
The sheep's been busy,too

when the cows are on the mountain
our work still aint through

Then there's always chicks and poultry
scratching here and there

and we're sure keepin a close eye 
on the old brood mare.

Yes, Springtime sure is busy
It means we've  work to do

cleaning stalls and planting hay
and starting sprinklers, too.

The garden still needs planting
That one fence has a hole

But hold on just a moment
The brood mare had her foal.

We pause from all the hustle
and gather round to see.

Nothing can refresh us more 
then new life in the country

-Cathy Brian-


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oaklee speaks Dog

 It's true every now and then a child comes along that actually speaks dog.  Just look at this girl.  
 She really has no fear of animals at all.  I've even seen her a time or two sitting on the fence having conversations with the horses.  So She must be more then bilingual.  
 She loves the dogs 
And the Dogs love her.  But here's how I know for sure she speaks dog.

Angie will sit on any of our porches and wait for some one to come out.  She then looks up at us and does what a lot of dogs do.  She does this sort of half howl half growl type of language.  We all just pet her and pretend to growl/howl back.  But, today Oaklee opened the back door and there sat Angie.  She greeted Oaklee in said manner and as Oaklee was shutting the door we heard her say to Chance...


Now if you happen to be a dog lover this is plainly obvious to you that Oaklee understood exactly what Angie was saying.  If you're not so much of a dog fan.....just trust me.  She DEFINITELY speaks Dog.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring has sprung and sprung and sprung!!!!

Yesterday we got wet enough to make up for the lack of moisture that we've had.  there's still hail all over the ground in the shady spots.  It must have rained and hailed for three or four hours yesterday.  I lost two more dogies because of it but my chicks seemed to weather fine.    Even so, I went out this morning and sprayed weed killer on my garden and the drive way at my mom's,  I sprayed the weeds until I ran out of spray,  we'll see if it works.  

The sheep are out on the mountain.  The cows are out on a different mountain.  a portion of the cows from the desert are home and hopefully by tonight they'll all be home.  One sprinkler line is running they should be coming to put in the pivot next week, and the farming is only beginning, IF we get all the cows home from the desert.  

All the May birthdays are finally out of the way and, NO, I (the Throwing coach)didn't get to go to the state track meet. =(  Yesterday Chance was sick all day long with a stomach flu of some sort and so far no one else has shown signs of it except maybe me, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count.
I CAN"T WAIT for school to be done and hope that Caib and Braden's grades don't suffer from their absences this week,  but we had to have their help with the cows and sheep.  Buck has not had her foal yet but we're all anticipating the day. Boy was she upset when they left her home alone in the coral......allllll day!
 Angie Our beloved yellow lab ended up missing on Thursday morning, but come to find out she had jumped into the trailer with the horses when they were loading up to go gather cows off the desert and she refused to get out of the trailer.  I'm not sure why because she'd already worn her self ragged when she insisted on going with then to take the sheep out.  That was the day Aubree went to help and it was a loooooong day.  I was relieved when we finally got a hold of the wranglers on the desert and they told us that, yes, they did have Angie, sigh.  

I sure Love spring time!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So Much happening-Time flies....

 Aubree's Birthday today.  I Got this wild Idea to have a surprise party for her.  It turned out great.  I let the 4 girls know who I invited, one lives right next door.  So her mom picked up the girls and dropped them off at my house so they could go in and hide.  I finished with the crossing guard and brought Aubree home.  Oaklee didn't say a word even though we'd spent the whole day cleaning and decorating.  

I did a balloon themehere the girls are showing off the balloon bracelets they made.

Singing and Blowing

 We also had a dance recital with Oaklee, this year.  It's really just a few moms who taught their daughters some cute little dances so that we wouldn't have to pay for an expensive dance class.  Love it!!

Oaklee danced a little bit, even though she knew all the dances.
But mostly she sat on the edge of the stage and wouldn't dance.  She had a stomach ache.

We also added all the kids who had piano pieces so grandma's wouldn't have to go sit through a long recital.

 Pretty little dancers.
Mother's day we built a mom if the kids sang well in primary.
It amazes me how well the kids will sing for some silly little activity.

It was also Dad's birthday.

He got a candy bar poster.

I've also been doing yard work

Attending school programs

cute girls

And patiently listening to a 6 year old boy explain to me how his lemonade maker works

Yes,  It extends from one end of the yard to another  and I believe he said that you just  put rhubarb in it and lemonade comes out.  WAHOO!!  I knew there was a good use for rhubarb.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For a little girl who needs a heart transplant


Angels have to matter in a place as dark as this
Where hearts are veiled with troubles, not healed by a kiss.

Though prayers may seem heavy as if sinking to the earth
Angels have to matter; we felt them at her birth.

Through tender, fragile experience where value has no end,
What has God to teach me? Oh what did He intend?

And where will I find comfort? How will my aching leave?
Somehow angels have to matter, in them I must believe.

-Cathy Brian-

 Dedicated to little Dacey who is in need of a new heart