Monday, June 13, 2011

Almost Three Plants Almost Three

We woke up early this morning. The potato patch was ready to be planted and we didn't want to plant it in the heat of the day. At 6:00 AM I was out of bed. Oh alright, I was forced out of bed by a pair of five year old feet, they were cold and the rest of their body was taking up way to much room. I tried to go back to sleep, but it didn't work, so I did a little scripture study. At about 7:00 I started hollering down the stairs at the work crew. Two of the best workers were summoned first because they had sprinklers to go change. at 7:30 they emerged from the cool of the basement and were on their way before 8:00 AM My next best helper had a struggle getting out of bed so I left her and took the two littlest helpers. the 5 year old and the almost three year old.

We gathered all the seed potato, a knife and ,threw it all into the large wheel barrow and marched determinedly across the street to where the empty potato patch waited. I quickly cut up the red potato seed and we began our project, me with the shovel, Chance with the bucket of seed potato, and the almost three year old with two little eager hands.

I plunged the shovel into the first row and we were off. Chance moved the bucket along while the little one threw a potato seed into each hole. Surprisingly we made quick progress and the two little ones began a chant...."Team work, Team Work....." I sent the 5 year old on a few errands for me and so the almost three year old ended up planting almost three entire rows all by herself. I only called Roger once to make sure I wasn't breaking any child labor laws. ;) The rows were about a hundred or so feet in length, I think, and there was a total of 15. When I finally got the rest of my help there we had five rows planted. One of the errands I sent Chance on was to get my Camera so I could get a nice picture to blog.

See why We had time to plant so many before he returned? Angie, The big yellow dog, decided it was a good time for a photo shoot. Here's Chance's first shot.

Here's his next shot

And finally his last shot.

When he got back to me and handed me the camera he said, "Sorry it took me so long, mom. I took a few great shots of Angie."

O.K. so Photographer.....Maybe.

Friday, June 10, 2011

"Where's first base, Mom?"

Baseball finally started for Chance. He's been waiting all spring....and finally He gets to play baseball, too. I know how he how felt. I've been waiting for Softball to start. We had our second game last night. We have a miscellaneous Team of women and we have a blast!!
Anyway Back to Chance. His second night of games was Wednesday night. I think the first question he asked me that morning was, "Mom, Where's first base?" So I'd explain to him where first base was and tell him as soon as you hit the ball you run as fast as you can to first. He'd nod and go play but he kept asking me off and on all day "Where's first base again, Mom." He asked me in the pick-up on the way to the ball park and then when we got to the baseball field he asked me again so I showed him and he payed close attention. I then turned to visit with some of the people there and when I turned back Chance had drawn a square in the dirt and was looking for rocks to use as bases.
"Wow Chance," Says I, "Maybe you should think about being a map maker." He stood up, looked at me, and he put on his thinking look, which soon turned to his I REALLY like that idea look. He played third base and short stop scored a point for the team and talked about how much he loves baseball the whole ride home. But, as soon as we opened the door he headed for the cupboard with the brown paper in it so he could make three maps. and when he fell to sleep on the soft chair that night he had his three maps neatly rolled up beside him, each with two small elastic hair clips holding them neatly rolled up.

What does this kids future hold????