Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just curious how many people out there find that family home evening games become extremely repetitive? We have a total of maybe three if you count "Doctor, doctor we need help" it seems every week the person with the game somehow gets finagled into playing "Animals" by one of the two youngest and since for almost 16 years we've always had two youngest we always seem to play Animals....I'm happyto say that we have played many diversions of this game but it always seems to be "Animals" or sometimes "Button, button" but mostly "Animals". So last Monday we were playing "Plants" Yeah, it's "Animals" but instead of acting out an animal that everyone has to guess what is, we were acting out plants....we were desperate for something different...ANYTHING. so my little scientist's turn comes up. he sits down on the floor curls himself into a tiny ball and says, "there is a lot of pressure on me." the two oldest roll their eyes and halfheartedly throw out a couple of lame guesses before they start telling him he can't expect us to know what he is if he doesn't do a better job acting. But, that's when Dad triumphantly says.."are you really old?" The scientist's eyes brighten and he nods with a grin..."Are you shiny or dull" says dad. "Dull" he says with a bigger grin. "Are you a piece of coal?' Dad asks. The scientist stands and "says You got it, Dad"
How did Dad know that? AND...How does an eight year old cleverly remember that coal is made from prehistoric plant material. and...that if he had been shiny he would have been a diamond.