Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall pictures and fun!!

Getting wood for the winter! What a beautiful season. The leaves are Soooo pretty! 
Have you ever played pooh sticks? We do every time we come to this little bridge in Seven Mile. I love, love, love the silly little traditions that keep the family together. 

Monday, September 8, 2014



On life’s path, when we travel, we can’t help but learn,
For angels, from our Father, guide us at every turn.

He directs the angel’s guidance. He knows just what we need.
And in our slow paced travels we must learn to pay them heed.

As we learn, grow and listen to the whisp’ring angel voices
We recognize their guidance and make much better choices.

Then we, if we prove worthy, through obedience to spirit,
And begin responding with velocity every time we hear it.

Can be as guiding angels, for know you not His perfect love?
At times each of His children need more then whisp’ring from above.

We need help from spirit angels. That forever will be true.
But on occasion we need people who help and guide us, too.

With the promise of your coming my heart was eased from fear
And I wept away my sorrow for I knew you’d soon be near.

No matter what your trials, when you came to comfort me
We felt, together, heaven and we saw eternity.

Cathy Brian, 2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thoughts on Thursday

So, for two weeks I have been faithfully walking and eating sugar....sort of. just no candy, junkfood, chips donuts ice cream etc...I feel soo much better!!!
 My walks have been FuN.  I live in a most remarkable area...whith in a three mile radius I have access to some very beautiful roads, dirt roads mostly. I love the variety of places to go with no houses and very little traffic. I like to take Angee with me, she is Braden's Yellow Lab, you couldn't ask for a better companion. and should I chance upon a bear, I'm sure she would protect me with her life. ;)
 As I was walking today my thoughts turned to my Oldest son, he was in an accident last night, on one of those back roads I was talking about. He was coming home from a baseball game last night. They had won 28 to 1. The bus had dropped them off at the high school and the boys that live in Loa all took this back road. the first boy had some napkins in his pick up and the wind caught them and scattered them all over the road he apparently stopped in the middle of the road to get things under control when  the next boy pulled up into the lane beside him to see what was happening. Braden saw the napkins flying around and was distracted came around the corner and couldn't stop and rear ended the two cars.  Roger was called, he happened to be cutting hay in our field  close by and he went down and they got all the paper work done and got home after 11:00.
When Roger called to let me know what had happened I hung up the phone and was pretty upset, I hurried the three youngest to bed with scripture study and prayers and then went into try to calm myself down and get ready for bed myself. I finally knelt by the bed to ask Heavenly Father for help...I'd been up since four in the morning because I'm now a Baker, yes, I make fresh donuts and bread and such in our local it!! but I was tired and irritated. thus my prayer for help in being able to handle the situation with patience and love. As I knelt, and began to pray I heard a voice tell me to relax this crash was supposed to happen. The savior needed to teach Braden through this. I immediately relaxed.

And so...back to my walk this morning and my thoughts, My walk was on a beautiful dirt road with a slight incline as it works it's way up into the mountains above us. as I walked I let my iphone tell me my distance and I just walked untill I had gone a mile and a quarter when I finally reached that point I was on a steep hill struggling to walk as fast as I could and quickly getting tired, I was winded and weary but determined to continue on. It was then that my Phone said " Time 18 minutes 24 seconds, distance 1 point 25 miles, average pace 13.34 minutes per mile." I sighed with relief immediately about faced and headed back down the road towards home...

Now my Thursday thoughts: I thought of Alma the Younger, in the book of Mormon, I thought of Enos in the Book of Mormon and I pondered their conversions. I thought about how we come to this earth on our walks and we head out experiencing and learning and playing and loving our lives and our free agency, but in our walk on this earth their comes a time, I believe, when we become weary and tired and winded and we start to think about going home, and really, its our choice do we about face and begin our journey home to comfort rest and a shower, or do we continue with our struggle up the steep hill of personal weakness, say pride or ingratitude or disobedience or maybe insecurity, fear or even laziness...whatever we struggle with.  I really think it's that easy, to simply refuse to be a slave to whatever it is we struggle with just about face and head back to where we can find the comforts we seek. that is our heavenly home..

I know...these are my own thoughts but they gave me hope...I just pray that I can be patient with those who struggle up their hills and that maybe in some small way I can point out our heavenly home and help them. I really think that our loving Heavenly Father constantly is aware of our walk on this earth and will show us the way home if we let Him.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just curious how many people out there find that family home evening games become extremely repetitive? We have a total of maybe three if you count "Doctor, doctor we need help" it seems every week the person with the game somehow gets finagled into playing "Animals" by one of the two youngest and since for almost 16 years we've always had two youngest we always seem to play Animals....I'm happyto say that we have played many diversions of this game but it always seems to be "Animals" or sometimes "Button, button" but mostly "Animals". So last Monday we were playing "Plants" Yeah, it's "Animals" but instead of acting out an animal that everyone has to guess what is, we were acting out plants....we were desperate for something different...ANYTHING. so my little scientist's turn comes up. he sits down on the floor curls himself into a tiny ball and says, "there is a lot of pressure on me." the two oldest roll their eyes and halfheartedly throw out a couple of lame guesses before they start telling him he can't expect us to know what he is if he doesn't do a better job acting. But, that's when Dad triumphantly says.."are you really old?" The scientist's eyes brighten and he nods with a grin..."Are you shiny or dull" says dad. "Dull" he says with a bigger grin. "Are you a piece of coal?' Dad asks. The scientist stands and "says You got it, Dad"
How did Dad know that? AND...How does an eight year old cleverly remember that coal is made from prehistoric plant material. and...that if he had been shiny he would have been a diamond.

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year, New Resolutions, New Memories

Braden is seventeen, Caib is 15 soon to be 16, Aubree is 11, Chance is 8 and Oaklee is 5.  "Where does the time go?"
I've been lazy with blogging lately But seeing the ages of my children and realizing that Summer is the last we will be together I decided I would try to be more diligent in Blogging.  Christmas was Good this year I felt better about it then any other year. We got what the kids needed a few fun things and that was it.. Truly. less is better. We went down below to take care of the cows Last Saturday and had a great time until we loaded the four wheeler to come home.  I pulled the four wheeler up on and then just kept going... I feel extremely lucky to only have a whole lot of bruises and scrapes... I still gave my talk in Church the next day....It wasn't a pretty sight but I guess appearances shouldn't control our actions.  Roger was put in as the bishop in April last year....I'm truly amazed at his growth...What  a humbling experience...