Monday, August 31, 2009


I just liked this picture!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chancee's Chatterings

As you know, It's been our turn to herd this last week and this year Chance has got to go help. Roger, Braden and Caib have come home with all kinds of fun stories about Chance. To sum it up, Roger says "It sure isn't boring with that kid along, Is it boys?"

Braden and Caibs response:


The last day they went up before school started was quite a day. The minute they walked in the door I could tell something was up.

Chance grabbed a hold of my shirt and said "Guess what Mom, I did a Loop De Loop."

"You did What?" I asked

"a Loop De Loop"

Roger interrupts with "Tell her why you did a Loop De Loop."

"Because," Chance says, "Ol' Commmanche jumped over a log and I did a Loop De Loop!"

Apparently Chance's horse jumped a log and stopped, Chance didn't stop and did a complete Loop De Loop as he fell off and luckily didn't end up on his head.

But, Braden wasn't quite that lucky. His horse tripped and fell and Braden did land on his head. But all he had to show for it was a little bit of a scratch. Luckily they were all safe and could start school with out any broken bones.

along with that, came some more "Chattering" as they herded the cows.

Chance finally figured out how to keep up with everybody and could get Ol' Commanche to walk pretty fast. As he would kick the horse and pull ahead of Braden, Braden would say:

"Hey, Chance, How'd you get ahead of me?"

Chancee's reply:

"How'd you git behind?"

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Seven Mile Herding and Camping Fun.

The Boys have been waiting all Summer for our turn to herd. They absolutely, love to be on the mountain with the cows and riding. To bad this year we started so late. But they'll have a good week of riding in by the time school starts next Week. Yesterday we packed everything up and headed up for a night of camping. Oaklee couldn't get enough riding. She Loves the horses and spent a lot of time coaxing her Dad to give her rides around camp.
Besides riding and herding cows the boys also look forward to the opportunity to get a little target practice.

Right behind our camping spot there is a great big pile of rocks that the kids love to play on.

They spend a lot of time out on it jumping from rock to rock

Or looking for treasures

But, The thing that every one of us look forward to the most is getting on our horses and riding

Last night after Caib and Dad got the cows pushed up off the fence Braden, Caib, Aubree and Chance went on a ride. Notice Caib with the lead rope on Ol' Commanche. One thing I like the most about all this is Caib and the way he'll step up and make sure all the younger kids are well taken care of. He patiently helps Chance every time Chancee's foot slips out of the stirrup(every 5 minutes) and he rode back to camp with me after Oaklee fell asleep on our ride today, just to open and close all the gates for me. What a kid!!

Here we all are heading out on our ride this morning. I rode out ahead so I could turn and get a picture. Notice Braden right there in the middle on his colt Sammy. He has done an amazing job breaking his first colt.
And Aubree sure has gotten to be a good little cowgirl. She never would go back to camp with me. She always stayed and helped Dad push the cows.

And finally There he is "That Cowboy"
This was Chance's poem that won him $50.00 at the fair
That Cowboy
There's a cowboy in the saddle
wearin' wranglers, boot's and hat.
He's herding all his cattle,
Would you just look at that!
He's so big and strong
sittin' on his horse so tall
It sure won't take him long
to get his cows into there stall.
That Cowboy sure is clever,
and he can ride good as can be.
Well, my heck!! and I never!
That cowboy, Why.....He's me!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big Sigh of relief and a Big Breath to get us Through the Next Two Weeks

Well, here you go I was so busy last week with the Wayne County Fair That the only picture I got was this one of the Kids that participated in the 1st, annual, Youth Cowboy Poetry Contest.
Yeah, sorry about that. But, we all had a great time. Things turned out better then expected and We got lots of comments from people about how much fun the fair was this year. I'm sure glad it's over with.

Now we just have to get the next week or so out of the way with all the dentist appointments, Doctor app.'s etc. and, to top it off, it's our turn to start herding so we're going camping and spending time on the mountain. (which I love). And I will try to remember to, not only take my camera but shoot some pictures as well. All before school starts in one week.
I'm gonna Make It!
I'm Gonna Make it!
I'm gonna make it!
I'm gonna make it!
I'm Gonna make it!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Remember Lilly

In the springtime Lilly was born Caib was so excited this is his filly to raise .
Yesterday we stopped to visit with Lilly. She stood across the creek and wanted to come over but wasn't to sure about walking through the water.

But, she did pose for a few pretty pictures.

Friday, August 7, 2009

What Do You Think?

Which one is better? 1

or 2?

And here's another, 1

or 2.

I think if you'll click on this picture you'll be able to see what the three little spots are, on the wall by the electrical box.

That's all that's left of Aubree's room. I told Caib that there were bee's in the desert. He wouldn't let me leave the butterfly's and Lady bugs.

Did you notice the clouds?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Caibs Tastes

Caib made me replace the pink walls and castle that were previously on these walls.

He opted for something a little more "cowboy" I'm contemplating a Longhorn skull or Rattlesnake, maybe some shadows here and there to give it a little more depth. Caib thought some clouds might be nice. I sure enjoy painting a lot more when I can paint something like this rather then just blank walls.