Thursday, March 14, 2013

little bit accident prone!!!

She slipped  and skinned her back on some ruff cement so I took a picture so she could see how bad it was.

Getting better

Hardly noticeable.

Just hanging out

With her new friend.
For some reason this turkey would walk over to where the kids were playing and plop down on the ground by them and watch ....Oaklee figured it must be lonely and befriended it.....Only Oaklee!   love her!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sounds Like Spring.....

 My oldest son!! LOVE his smile
My second son...Love his subtle attempt to flip off the camera.  No he didn't do that on purpose...But it wouldn't have surprised me.  He HATES to get his picture taken

Just sitting here at the computer with Spring outside blowing in. and I thought, "perhaps I'll blog!!"
So....since I haven't posted pictures of the two oldest this year I thought I'd post these. But....back to spring alright, it is 43 degrees out there but the wind is howling away the grass is still as brown as ever and there is ice still on the ground, but I can feel spring in the air and the light is beautiful!! I really feel like this is the first year in Wayne County that I have actually loved spring....I mean out right joy and excitement because the light is increasing.  Yes, I was raised in a place where the daffodils and tulips pushed their way up through the last bit of snow on the ground and the weather was warmer and enticing, here you have to look for the more subtle signs of  spring and slow down and recognize the hints that nature throws at you, I have to remember that is why it is so windy here.....she has to throw them really hard so people can notice them....It causes some what of a draft.....Ah!!!!!  but I love spring time!!!