Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Rare Experience

We headed up into Seven Mile
so that Dad could do his range studiesIt was SOOOO beautiful
We headed down the road to enjoy the trees
Chance had to run ahead he was so excited
Then we rested on a log
And enjoyed the leaves
"Here Enjoy!!"
Then we drove on down the road,
Enjoying the view!!

And we threw rocks in the water.

And on the ride home, we had a rare experience.
That's right!! we saw a MOOSE!!
What a perfect Autumn Day.
Sorry about the blurry picture. My battery only had enough life left for one picture and it was Dusk so the light was bad and I had to hold the camera reeeaaally still so that's the best I got.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reach For The Light

I love how these cone flowers look like they're reaching for the light.
What a lesson.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Sprinklers, Ice, and deer

The hay is up, the fall sprinklers going, and there was frost and ice this morning. This isn't Caib changing sprinklers this fall (it was summer) but I like the picture.

this is my raspberry patch. It was on the verge of producing a great crop of berries when the first frost was threatening so......

I went out and covered them. Hopefully it won't freeze hard enough to ruin this crop and I'll get enough to make some jam.

And then there's the deer.
The boy's love this time of year.

September of 2007 I wrote this poem as I watched my two oldest boy's changing sprinklers. here it is September again and so I can't help posting it again.

Boys Grow

The hay is cut
They stacked it high
to feed the cattle
winter's nigh

The air is chill
My nose is cold
The shadows stretch
The leaves are gold.

It froze last night
mid-day's still hot
The light has changed
I like it a lot.

The birds fly south
The fruit is ripe
The days grow short
we change sprinkler pipe

In spring 'twas hard
Boys worked together
But seasons end
With change in weather

Young boys grow strong
With work to do
It still aint easy
They muddle through

But now alone
they change each line
They jump right in
They do it fine

What once they
couldn't do alone
they finish now
each on their own.

Yes, seasons change
And boys grow
Just like the leaves
My hearts a glow.

-Cathy Brian-

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Enjoying Every Last Minute!

I looked out the window last night which looks directly into the western sky, toward the haystack. This was the view I saw. Just finishing up with the chores
and....Making Summer Last.

I live for moments like these. I'm so glad I had the camera close by.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Harvest Time

We planted quite a few potatoes this year and I figured I needed some for dinner tonight. So Chance and I grabbed a container and headed out to the potato patch. I'm guessing Chance wasn't quite aware of what exactly it meant to dig potatoes. (we didn't harvest potatoes last year, and the year before he would have been to young to remember).

I shove the shovel into the ground and turn over the first potatoe plant.

"Whoa!!! MOM!!! Look at that!! Potatoes!!" as he excitedly begins jumping around.

Braden showed up to help shortly after we dug our first couple of plants.

"Braden, Come here hurry Braden come look at this"

Braden, in his usual manner saunters over


He's Chance's opposite.

I tend to get excited over digging treasure, too. Even if it is just digging potatoes. But, not quite that excited.

I sure love Harvest Time!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Uhh.... I Don't Think So.

I picked up, of all magazines, Family Circle. Is it just me or doesn't that sound like a magazine that is all for the family and the extreme importance that the family has in society? Well Maybe I'm wrong cause look at this full page ad I happened to open right to.
Maybe it's my background, maybe it's my lack of confidence in secular.....Whatever.
I'm sorry, I refuse to believe anything that is Godless could produce any kind of roots.
I believe they have it completely wrong. FAMILIES are where our comunities take root!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

When I Grow Up I Wanna be.......

I Had a good friend ,as I was growing up, that could play the piano reeeally well. I wanted to be able to play like her so I asked my mom if I could take piano lessons. I have a great mom!! If I ever showed any interest in something she always let me try it. So I began taking lessons. My piano teacher must have been an excellent teacher(I don't remember practicing much) Last year we aquired a piano, nothing fancy mind you, but it plays and sounds alright. So I sat down at the piano and started picking through the hymns, then I found some free sheet music on the internet that I figured I could play and went to work. Well, I aint that great but I'm sure having fun.

And I still think I wanna be able to play the piano when I grow up.

So now I have Aubree taking piano lessons. She tends to whine and complain about practicing, like any good child, but she'll sit for hours and look at the new disney song book I bought and dream of the day she can play the songs in it.

So, for all you music teachers out there is that good enough reason to put up with the whining?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Quick "Chattering" from Chance

As the Sun..
Slowly sank in the smokey, western sky

And disappeared behind the hills

Chancee announced that he would be sleeping with his gun.

"Just in case there are any bears or spiders"
Then he promptly fell asleep.

The End