Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chancee's Chatterings

Dinner, quite often, on Sunday nights consists of Grilled Cheese sandwiches. This Sunday was no exception. We always do a Roast or Ham or something right after church and sit around the table so Sunday night is very informal.

So....I had Chance sitting at the Island eating his grilled cheese. Everyone else had either already eaten or had yet to eat. I had him all situated and turned to leaver the kitchen when I heard him say.

"Hey, You remind me of some one."

"What?" Says I as I stopped in my tracks trying to decide if he had just said that to me, or if he was just talking to himself (not uncommon)

But, He Say's again...."You remind me of some one."

"Who?" I say out of extreme curiosity.

"Some one special, really Special!" Says Chance with a knowing look.

Now I'm really Curious!! As I say, "Well, who?"

He looks up at me with a sideways look and points at me. "you." he simply says and continues to eat.

Chance, You sure make it fun to be a mom!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amazing mood Swings

It's taken me all day, but I finally cleaned the bathrooms. Amazing what those little rooms can do for us. It works every time, too. Especially if the cause of my bad mood is because It's bathroom scrubbing day. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

YaY!! For the Dads

I wish I had a picture for this blog. I've been smiling about this all morning. For the most part this was a typical Friday. We all got up had pancakes and sent the boys off to catch the bus. The difference was that Today was Parent Pastry day at the Elementary School. More particularly, Daddy Doughnut Day. Some of you may know what this is. We did this a few years ago and the school has decided to start it up again. Next month will be Mommy Muffin Day. This is where the particular parent takes their child to school at 7:30 AM and reads with them while eating a doughnut or muffin until school begins at 8:05. So...I didn't have to take Aubree to school she got to go with her dad this morning but, I still had to go down and do the crossing guard. When I pulled up to the corner. I looked down the street to where rows of vehicles sat as Dads dutifully ate doughnuts and read to their children. I couldn't help but laugh as I noticed that all I could see were rows of Pick-ups in every size. and there were a lot of them. Way to go dads!!! We live in a great place. You know if this had been the month of May most of the pick--ups would have had cow dogs quietly sitting in the backs patiently waiting for their owners to come back out, and wondering why they don't get any doughnuts.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hopefully not a Half Finished Project

I'm not, what I would consider, a crafty person. but when my 8 year old began reading the little house books and asked me what a rag doll was I suddenly felt this strange crafty desire to, not only tell her, but show her.
So, This is where we are at so far. I'm still working on their hair I'm going to use the purple material for the dress and the white with purple polka dots for the bloomers.
I know they aren't very fancy But, not being naturally crafty, I think they are turning out alright.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Smile, Dang It!!

I hate it when someone asks If you have a picture and Bio for them to put on a program and then they want it A.S.A.P. So when the kids got home yesterday I made them get decked out as if they were heading to the desert or up on the mountain and I tried to get a few good, recent shots. SIGH!!!!!First off I had to wake Oaklee up and sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. Of Course it didn't work, because I needed it to.
Caib hates pictures no matter what, but he did, finally, humor me. Even though he refused to smile in any picture.
It just isn't complete without Oaklee. No Christy girl you can't take her place!

As I was reviewing the pictures Chance piped up when he saw this one and with a grin Said:
"I Like my smile Mom"
Me, too Chancee. Me too

I Love my little cowgirls!

Uh where's Braden and Oaklee?

Oaklee screaming , The wind blowing

This one is probably the best one with them facing me but......

I may just have to settle for this one.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today,. an Inventor

replacing defective pieces

A broom with wheels

will the handle work?

YES!!! It worked for two seconds.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chancee's Chatterings, sort of.

His Thinking Cap

There are very few kids like Chance. In fact........ there is no other kid like Chance. Each morning when we are all up and the day is just beginning and people are scurrying around getting ready for school or heading out to do chores Dad always asks Chance, "What are you going to be today, Chance?" Chance always puts his thinking cap on and comes up with something new just about every day. Today he was Indiana Jones. He's been a cowboy, spider man, a builder, a Paleontologist, a scientist, an astronaut, an adventurer, a dad.......etc.
This has got to be one of my favorites though! He got Tinker Toys for Christmas. He has two of the longer sticks in each of his pockets:
"Mom," says Chance "guess what I'm being?"
"What?" says I,
"I'm and old Man and my legs don't work any more so I built me these levers and I have to use them to walk. See I just push on them and My legs will move. AND, If I push the button on the top I can jump!"
See what I mean? What kid pretends he's an old man that can't walk? And not only that, what kid comes up with a solution to help him solve not only the walking problem, but He can Jump, as well!!
The fun thing is listening to his older brothers come up with ways he can be all of those things in one. They've decided that he can fly to a new planet discover what animals used to live there, build his own home, raise his own beef etc. I can't wait to find out what he really ends up becoming. He always falls back on three things An astronaut, a paleontologist and most importantly, a dad!

Here I sit blogging away with only a few interuptions: It's just Chance coming in every now and then to show me the musical instruments he's been making because:
"Mom," says Chance, I'm going to be a musical instrument maker"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Making it Through

I've had a few experiences where something that seemed insignificant to the giver meant more then the giver could comprehend. (think about that one!) So I wrote a poem, I tend to do a lot of that. Sometimes they only mean something to me, but, then, that's really the only reason I write them.

Oaklee was up most of the night with a fever which means I sent everyone to church but she and me. I HATE missing church it throws my whole week off, and lately (like for two days) I've been needing, well, Church. Do you ever feel like your on the verge of finally stepping up and improving yourself and then Satan starts pounding on you. Luckily my skins so thick that all he's managing to do is make a lot of loud banging sounds but they're VERY irritating. So anyway back to my poem. here it is:

Glimpsing Eternity

I left my secure self sitting there upon the bench;
I stood and walked towards my friend.
Letting go of enmity I looked into her eyes;
Glimpsing no beginning and no end.

As I walked towards her, imperfect as we were,
The only feeling there between us both,
Was love in guarded care, it could not consume,
For, ‘tis true, we needed much more growth.

Yet, for just an instant, as we were wrapped in arms of love,
I knew I could feel the saviors touch.
Because my friend, who like me, is longing for His love,
Can and will teach me so much.

I long for perfect love without misinterpretation,
How grateful for moments such as those,
When for only just a moment heavens whispered touch;
Is felt as we draw each other close.

©-Cathy Brian- Dec. 2010

Some things are just felt, but never forgotten as we stumble through this life, living as best we can. Thankfully we can be tools in the Lords hands as we recognize the needs of others. Even the simplest acts of love (a hug) can bless the life of a friend or stranger as we recognize and act upon the promptings from the spirit.

I've received hugs from both friends and strangers that have made my life more tender and worthwhile. I've begun to look harder for people that may need a hug. If I can help others along the way then, surely, I'll find I'm right there on the pathway prodding along beside them to a grand destination.

Have a great day!