Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amazing mood Swings

It's taken me all day, but I finally cleaned the bathrooms. Amazing what those little rooms can do for us. It works every time, too. Especially if the cause of my bad mood is because It's bathroom scrubbing day. :)


Julie Harward said...

I do the same thing...I just have to turn the music up and go after it! (You do have a bunch of boys though!!) ;D

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

500 ewes?
Oh my is all I can say!
I do understand how it is an emotional time. Sometimes you just can't save them, and it feels so sad.
I think sheep are harder in ways than our cows. Much frailer too (is that a word?) But it's way hard when we loose a calf too.

We aren't 7000 feet,about 6, but I do think we have been colder than you guys. Goodness they say we here in the basin are colder than the tundra! lol I am getting desperate for WARMTH too! AHHHHHH!

Kevin is always somewhere giving me a start. He sits on the hitching rail and his tail hangs down to the ground and out of the corner of my eye I think there's someone standing there too!
I would so be glad to sew you a bonnet for trek! whenever you get to go.
Car hunting is stinky. When our entire family was stil home and young, we drove a full sized ford van. BUT,If I would have driven a suburban we would have never had a van! Money money.
Glad to hear your bathrooms are clean! heheheh
OUr pack meeting got put back until next tue becasue there is a viewing at the church that night. So that gave me some more time!
I'm still in shock....500 ewes! Wow

Jennifer said...

Yuck! I hate scrubbing the bathroom!