Friday, February 11, 2011

Smile, Dang It!!

I hate it when someone asks If you have a picture and Bio for them to put on a program and then they want it A.S.A.P. So when the kids got home yesterday I made them get decked out as if they were heading to the desert or up on the mountain and I tried to get a few good, recent shots. SIGH!!!!!First off I had to wake Oaklee up and sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. Of Course it didn't work, because I needed it to.
Caib hates pictures no matter what, but he did, finally, humor me. Even though he refused to smile in any picture.
It just isn't complete without Oaklee. No Christy girl you can't take her place!

As I was reviewing the pictures Chance piped up when he saw this one and with a grin Said:
"I Like my smile Mom"
Me, too Chancee. Me too

I Love my little cowgirls!

Uh where's Braden and Oaklee?

Oaklee screaming , The wind blowing

This one is probably the best one with them facing me but......

I may just have to settle for this one.


Boy Mom said...

You always choose the best one.

Love em all!

Julie Harward said...

Taking a picture of all the kids together is an impossible task! They are each so cute! ;D

Adams Family said...

The last one is really cool.

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Wow the that first if looks could kill! lol
I enjoyed these all. I like the last one too! Your little Chancee must be a corker! These little ones do make our lives good don't they. I loved the broom on wheels!

So, I have to burst your bubble and tell you, that was not my oven! However, now I think I had better clean mine! lol It was nice to be someones hero even for a sec. lol

That oven belongs to a friend of mine, and it was brand spanking new! That's why it was sooooo shinny!
I HATE mince too! Yuck! Yuck Yuck!
but these oreo mice were fun to make.
I do like the picture you picked. Do one for your wall to.
Enjoy your weekend.