Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas

Santa showed up at our house, That jolly old ELF!!

Still, The Christmas Star

“I see it, Mom,” Came a little voice from the back seat of the car.
It was cold and dark as we travelled home, the distance not too far.

“It’s a pattern in the stars, Mom,” He voiced from the back.
“It doesn’t change it’s always there. I’ve watched and I’ve kept track.”

“See, Mom, right above us,” he said, his voice filled with awe!
“I can see the very thing that those three wise men saw.”

“The Christmas star is up there, shining bright to guide our way.
It’s leading us back home mom,” I heard his tender voice say.

Emotion overcame me as I glanced towards his face,
He was staring into heaven. The stars were shining in their place.

How profound my little child, such wisdom for his youth.
Yes the stars in heaven guide us. He knew that simple truth.

It was a guide for those so long ago, and for us, it still can be.
If we follow where it leads, I’m sure heavens where we’ll be.

©Cathy Brian- Dec. 2012

Merry Christmas this year from Roger, Cathy, Braden, Caib, Aubree, Chance, and Oaklee

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Chance's Chatterings

Just lost in a world of his own. The weather has been so uncommonly warm!!

I glanced out the window a couple of days ago to see this...Yes the car is hanging from the tree, yes he has on safety goggles and yes he finally decided that he'd try to climb up in it.  Luckily when he did climb up in it it was only a foot off the ground.  It lasted maybe 30 seconds before his not came loose and he fell.  Braden then went out and helped him raise it to this level.  Luckily it hurt him enough falling 12 inches that he didn't try it again....Smart kid!!

And., for the final Chance activities... 
Yesterday I was busy making dinner about, oh say, halfway through Chance comes upstairs and says, "Mom, you gotta come see what I did!!"  
"Give me a minute, Chance." says I
"No, Mom, you gotta come now!" He was literally bouncing with enthusiasm and beaming with pride. "Oh alright"  I say as I wipe my hands on my beautiful, ruffled  home makey apron, NOT"( I was just trying to conjure up images of the perfect mother)
We headed down the stairs.
"Close your eyes , Mom"
I dutifully close my eyes and stumble down the two remaining stairs, into the hallway and around the corner to the door of his room....It's shut Why was I closing my eyes? says a little voice in my head that I don't acknowledge. I open my eyes, Chance opens the door, I stare in amazement at an almost perfectly straight shelf made from materials that Chance has found out in the garage.  I said ALMOST!!  how did you put it up I say as I step in to closely examine his handy work.....He sheepishly points at a bucket of screws and a large power drill that even I find a bit heavy to use....  and...neatly, in a perfect row right there on his beautiful new shelf sat his miniature plastic replicas of dinosaur skulls.  He definitely needed a new shelf in his room.  I've always told people when they raise their eyebrows in questioning wonder at the antics of this particular child that...well..... "He's got a LOT of potential"

It's more the poster that is crooked, really, Not so much the shelf.