Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer's marching on.

I admit. I'm probably the most unorganized person I've ever known. But there is some order to my life or I wouldn't be functioning. It's just that I'm so impulsive. Yesterday we went fishing. Now I know that I use to spend a couple of weeks every summer with my dad in Alaska fishing but, unfortunately We were always with the (in my opinion) The best fisherman in Alaska. Therefore I didn't learn to much about fishing except how to watch the fishing line to know if there was a fish nibbling at the bait. And then I would have to say that after the fish would take the bait and the best fisherman in Alaska would set the hook I was a pretty good fisher woman. I did learn to bait the hook to catch salmon or 1-3 hundred pound halibut, but I really don't know much about fishing in a lake for trout.

SO, while I rowed our little row boat here and there on the reservoir and Chance and Aubree sat talking in the bow of the boat, and Oaklee cried because she hated her life jacket and wanted to go back to the pick up Braden and Caib sat a stern and fished as best as they could. We fished for about an hour and then the boys finally told me to just take them to shore and they would fish from shore. Chance and Oaklee wanted to stay on shore and throw rocks in the water, but Aubree and I stayed in the boat and I taught Aubree how to row the boat. She loved being in the boat and on the water. we had so a lot of fun. Each of the kids went out on the water with me individually and rowed around it ended up being a fun day. I was glad I was impulsive that day. Oh, alright I have to admit I did get a bit of extra work out of everyone because before we went I told them we had to organize the coats boots and shoes and get the laundry room ready for our remodeling project that should be coming up soon. so all in all it was worth it.

Now, I'll tell you why I'm rambling. I ordered a blog book last week. You know where they take your blog and make it in to a nice hardbound book that keeps for generations and is priceless? Yep, I did it. I had my blog from Dec. 2007-Dec. 2009 put into book form. I had so much fun reading some of the blogs I'd done in the past even though at the time they seemed boring that I decided it was a good thing to blog no matter how boring or rambly, AND that the whole book thing is well worth it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chancee's Chatterings

Aubree and Oaklee are in the bath. I'm sitting here reading blogs and answering comments on facebook. Some times I admit I get sucked in and turn off outside sounds just enough that I only hear serious emergency noise. (Noises that I deem as emergencies) so When Aubree and Oaklee started hollering "MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM," I did not respond. I knew it was not a dire emergency, I kept reading. Finally Chance responded. He went in to see why the two girls needed "MOM" so desperately. I Continued reading, the girls continued hollering. Finally Chance comes back in to where the computer is, walks up to me, leans in as close as he possibly can and says.

"MOM, CAN YOU HEAR THE SOUND WAVES? GO!!!" and he points towards the bathroom.

I stand up and "GO"

"Mom," says Aubree, "can we go to the school today and play on the playground equipment?"

How do mom's know?

I was right no emergency there.

More Chatterings:

Chance loves popscicles (normal Kid, right?)

So there I am first thing in the morning, I thought sausage and eggs would be nice for breakfast. I open the freezer, pull out some sausage, shut the freezer and walk towards the stove. Chance, who was standing right there beside me as I opened the freezer stayed right there by the freezer, but turned towards me as he says. "mmm..,I smell popscicles".


Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Activities!!!

We went to the Museum in Price on Thursday. Another family here in the ward decided they were going to go and invited a few more families, us included. We were the only other family who went with them. It was one of those things that I almost dreaded until we got on the road. Then When we got there I really enjoyed it. I think it helped to be with a family that has older girls. They helped take care of Oaklee so that I had a little time to enjoy myself. Now as you browse through my pictures see if you can guess who enjoyed it the most. In fact, all he's done all day to day is talk about how he's going to work in a museum when he gets big. The woolly Mammoth was amazing. The pictures just don't work. It is well worth it to go and see the museum just to see this. It's HUGE!!!!

The Utah raptor

"Hm.... I wonder if my hand will ever get that big."

I also liked this American Bison.

Oaklee Loved this live Soft shelled turtle. I think, secretly the turtle fell in love with Oaklee, too. They spent a long time gazing at each other.

The Mammoth again. I wish the picture could show how big it really is. It Really amazed me.

Here's all the kids that went. 2 families went. 11 children, one grandpa and 2 moms.

And Chance with his new found friend.

I'm so glad we went. Chance got up this morning came into bed with me and the first thing he said was "Mom, can we go to that Newsim again, today"
Then later on during the day today after planting a hundred and fifty pounds of Potatoes, fixing the sprinklers and wearing ourselves out we finally came inside at about 4:00pm and I made the kids lay down and watch the movie "UP" when it got to the part where Ellie Makes Mr. Fredrickson cross his heart. Chance looked at me and said, "Mom, Promise me we can go to the Newsim again, Cross your heart."
So I dutifully crossed my heart. and in a year or two we will.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aubree's Baptism

Aubree was baptised June 5th, 2010. It was a good day. Aubree looked so pretty in her white dress. She had three white dresses. (you'll have to notice as you look at the pictures) My favorite dress was the dress that Aubree's Aunt Made for her. A friend brought her the other two. They were all pretty. Two other girls in our ward were being baptised on the same day. We, the mothers, thought it would be fun to make a movie of the girls, so I have a lot of pictures. I think I took about 100 pictures of just Aubree.

She didn't seem to mind to much.
Then we took Lots, and Lots of pictures of the three little girls.

It was a lot of fun.

Fun angle

Poor girls, towards the end they were getting a little tired of all the pictures so I would have them look away from the camera. I thought this was cute.

I think this was my favorite picture out of all of them.

And finally, the traditional Father child baptismal shot.
The bun made the whole process of dressing again so easy. We just patted her hair dry a little and voila.
It was a really nice day!!! We had a barbecue a few hours before the baptism with family. Of course we missed those who couldn't be there, But It sure was a good day.