Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer's marching on.

I admit. I'm probably the most unorganized person I've ever known. But there is some order to my life or I wouldn't be functioning. It's just that I'm so impulsive. Yesterday we went fishing. Now I know that I use to spend a couple of weeks every summer with my dad in Alaska fishing but, unfortunately We were always with the (in my opinion) The best fisherman in Alaska. Therefore I didn't learn to much about fishing except how to watch the fishing line to know if there was a fish nibbling at the bait. And then I would have to say that after the fish would take the bait and the best fisherman in Alaska would set the hook I was a pretty good fisher woman. I did learn to bait the hook to catch salmon or 1-3 hundred pound halibut, but I really don't know much about fishing in a lake for trout.

SO, while I rowed our little row boat here and there on the reservoir and Chance and Aubree sat talking in the bow of the boat, and Oaklee cried because she hated her life jacket and wanted to go back to the pick up Braden and Caib sat a stern and fished as best as they could. We fished for about an hour and then the boys finally told me to just take them to shore and they would fish from shore. Chance and Oaklee wanted to stay on shore and throw rocks in the water, but Aubree and I stayed in the boat and I taught Aubree how to row the boat. She loved being in the boat and on the water. we had so a lot of fun. Each of the kids went out on the water with me individually and rowed around it ended up being a fun day. I was glad I was impulsive that day. Oh, alright I have to admit I did get a bit of extra work out of everyone because before we went I told them we had to organize the coats boots and shoes and get the laundry room ready for our remodeling project that should be coming up soon. so all in all it was worth it.

Now, I'll tell you why I'm rambling. I ordered a blog book last week. You know where they take your blog and make it in to a nice hardbound book that keeps for generations and is priceless? Yep, I did it. I had my blog from Dec. 2007-Dec. 2009 put into book form. I had so much fun reading some of the blogs I'd done in the past even though at the time they seemed boring that I decided it was a good thing to blog no matter how boring or rambly, AND that the whole book thing is well worth it.


Adams Family said...

If you come Monday bring your books.

Boy Mom said...

I love reading old posts. I wish I had done this when Jacob and Josh were babies it's so much fun and the ramblyer the better I say.