Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aubree's Baptism

Aubree was baptised June 5th, 2010. It was a good day. Aubree looked so pretty in her white dress. She had three white dresses. (you'll have to notice as you look at the pictures) My favorite dress was the dress that Aubree's Aunt Made for her. A friend brought her the other two. They were all pretty. Two other girls in our ward were being baptised on the same day. We, the mothers, thought it would be fun to make a movie of the girls, so I have a lot of pictures. I think I took about 100 pictures of just Aubree.

She didn't seem to mind to much.
Then we took Lots, and Lots of pictures of the three little girls.

It was a lot of fun.

Fun angle

Poor girls, towards the end they were getting a little tired of all the pictures so I would have them look away from the camera. I thought this was cute.

I think this was my favorite picture out of all of them.

And finally, the traditional Father child baptismal shot.
The bun made the whole process of dressing again so easy. We just patted her hair dry a little and voila.
It was a really nice day!!! We had a barbecue a few hours before the baptism with family. Of course we missed those who couldn't be there, But It sure was a good day.


Julie Harward said...

Very, very sweet! Such little beauties! :D

Adams Family said...

Wish we could have come. I forget that she is a year and a half older than Kait. She looked beautiful.

Boy Mom said...

Still can't believe she's 8 years old. Joseph gets baptized in January.