Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Traditions and a Riding Lesson

I love Memorial day in Wayne County. Our Tradition starts the night before Memorial Day. This year Oaklee, Roger and I went to change sprinklers. Oaklee can't remember what changing sprinklers is all about so she was quite excited about it. Then we all go to the Lyman Cemetery together to Look at the graves and count how many great, and great great, and great great great and.... etc. Grandparents we have buried so near. There is always a few stories that come up as we wander, count and reminisce
Then we traditionally set out Grandpa's moose and gather pinecones up from his tree and place them in front of the headstone.

We visit, talk and enjoy the evening sunlight. The next morning at 10:00 AM we are at the cemetary again for a short program and a salute to the soldiers of our country who are buried here. The spirit is so strong at these small memorial services. I love that my children can feel it and gain respect for the great people that have died.

A Riding Lesson
O.K. Jack You have a few things you've gotta learn while your here.
#1 You don't get Hay and water every day for nothing.
#2 You have a job to do on this ranch.

So just relax, we're gonna give ya your first riding lesson.

Oh, Good job Jack!!!!! you're doin' great!!
You, too Little Oaklee.
Ya gotta start young on a workin' ranch!!

And last of all

getting ready for Aubree's baptism on Saturday.


Adams Family said...

Thank-you for the pictures and blog. I was wishing I could visit Dad's grave this year and the pictures of it felt like I kind of got to. I didn't know you had the moose tradition. I love it. Thanks!

Boy Mom said...

Thanks for sharing. Memorial day is one of my favorite holidays but all I do is drive past at least one cemetery,cry, think of the poem I'm gonna write about it someday. Lame!

Aubree is growing up so fast. I can't believe she's getting baptized. Sorry we couldn't make it down.

Love ya!