Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Thousand Things to Blog, and No Time to Do it.

Remember Chance and his determination That Bucks colt would be a boy(yes, buck is a girl horse)Well, she foaled on Wednesday Morning. And........

Meet Jack

Yes, It is a little colt and How Chance knew that is anybodies guess. What a kid. Now the discussion has turned to "Who's gonna break it? It's a toss up between Braden and Caib. Although Caibs in the process of breaking Lilly so the odds are it'll be Braden. He's done a pretty durn good job breaking Sammy, his first colt. And so Life moves we have

Fifteen of these adorable little gals.

Five are Rhode Island Reds, five are White Leghorns, and five are Barred Rocks(black)

I love having chickens But until they get big enough to be outside in their own little coop it is some what of a nusiance Ah well it'll be worth it. I love not having to buy eggs.

And then the last week of school with talent shows, awards assemblies, school hikes, etc. Then Aubree's baptism is on June 5th and I'm in the process of making a movie of the three cute little eight year old girls who are getting baptized. We'll squeeze Bradens Baseball games and practices, in between all that, and Caibs Working Ranch horse classes.

Oh, and I forgot, I'm also under the false impression that once school gets out, for the summer, tomorrow, That life will slow down and be so much easier. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HaHa Ha Snort Ha Ha Ha, big breath, wimper.


Julie Harward said...

A beautiful colt...and busy is good, you are so blessed! :D

Adams Family said...

Chance should break the colt. And hey, the busier you are the less you'll be in your house as it gets remodeled. ;) Snort, snort.

Suz said...

Love the pics.

So how many times have the kids said, " I am bored!"

Have a fun summer.