Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Windows

Enjoying lunch with the men from The house of Glass

A few years ago we had the insurance replace all of the big picture windows in our home. Now we are in the process of doing some major fixing up projects on our home. You can see that we need to fix the cement on our front walk as well as re stucco the house. In the end the plan is to have that all done. I'm hoping by August. We have a lot that needs to be done and I'm excited. Hopefully we can get all the major fix-ups done. The windows are the first step.....I guess.


Techno Grandma said...

Um, how come you can get your basement windows replaced but when we wanted to do ours, they said they weren't up to fire code and we'd have to dig window wells and make bigger windows??? Is that one of those perks of living in Loa? This is Jenny BTW.

Suz said...

Oh, I am so jealous. I am looking at new windows and doors they are pricey. It going to look beautiful.



joven said...

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