Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chancee's Chatterings

Just about every Morning some where between 5:30 AM and 6:30 AM Chancee comes and crawls into bed with me. He snuggles down in works his feet in between my knees and goes back to sleep for another half hour or so. When he wakes up he turns to me and whispers

"Mom, It's Me Chance Kirk Brian"

Well, That has suddenly Changed. He still comes in every morning, climbs into bed, and positions his ice cold little feet into the warmest spot he can find, but instead of saying

"Mom, It's me Chance Kirk Brian" When he wakes up. He rolls over, stiffens, looks up at me with wide open eyes and says excitedly

"It's almost Christmas!!!"

I'm not sure why but for some reason this is creating a panicky feeling somewhere deep down.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, always have, but for heaven sakes, It isn't even Thanksgiving yet.


Oh, to be young and excited again with out all the cutsie neighbor gifts to come up with, or the clever, yet inexpensive family gifts, etc. etc. etc. Aw, but I don't believe I'd ever give up Christmas just because of that. I mean after all



Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Rare Opportunity

When it snows in Loa with a snow that is suitable for building snowmen, then you have to hurry and get it done!! 8 days ago we got one of those snows. It's gone now, but, Boy, Oh Boy, Chance and I were on it. As soon as we got home from dropping Aubree off at school, I grabbed some gloves and sat Oaklee in front of the french doors where she could watch. Chance watched with her for awhile, while I ran out back and began rolling snowballs. It took about 30 minutes for me to quickly whip up this fellow. about 20 min. into my project Chance came out with his cowboy boots on, no socks , and his Jacket on upside down. We hurried to finish up snap a picture and run inside before Chancee's toes froze. Less then an hour later our poor snowman "In the sun he melted" just enough to slowly lay down on his side and by the time school was over all that was left was just enough snowballs for the two older boys to smash up in a pile.

That's where they still lay. See, that's what happens in Loa, We will more then likely have remants of those snowballs in the yard until April. And more then likely all the next snowfalls will be those teeny, tiny little snowflakes that won't stick together. Somethings you just can't put off when your living in Wayne County.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Tought I Taw A Puddy Tat!!!!

5:30 A.M. Loud BANG Coming from the other room. Roger lifts his head off the pillow and asks

"What was that?"
In my fuzzy just woke up from loud BANG state I new it was the bird cage but I also knew that it was to loud of a BANG to have been made by the birds so I jumped out of bed, as another loud BANG rung through the house, and headed into the other room with Roger on my heals. At some point he passed me as I hesitated with the thought

"what if it's a human intruder" .

We found the bird cage upside down on the floor with the canary still in it, but the two little finches missing. Roger went right on past the cage into the Laundry room and yells

"What do you think your doing in here."

And again the thought of a human intruder enters my mind as I ask in a hopeful tone

"Is it Molly?(my little rat terrier)

"No, he replies as he chases the wild intruder out. "It's a ____CAT!!

Apparently our door from the garage didn't get latched last night and either blew open or was pushed open by a cat.

I found one of the little finches shaking on the floor by the dryer. I still haven't found the other one. Who'd a thunk I was so attached to the little birds. I've spent the day walking around the house looking in every crook and cranny, cleaning odd areas of the house, and praying that the poor little bird wasn't in the clutches of the cat's mouth as it leaped for the door, bounced off, scratched Roger on the lower leg(a mean looking 4 inch scratch), and finally wormed it's way back outside in a furry frenzy. I've Even paused in mid step listening intently for any odd scratching or chirping sound. Nothing. I fear my little orange beaked little finch may be gone for good.

I did, I did, I did see a Puddy Tat"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Spooky Thought

A witch and her pony(she lost her broom)
and a little duck

Halloween admittedly, was one of my favorite Holidays as a kid. As a mother, not so much. But Like any good mother I know how much kids love Halloween so I try to play along.

After we finished with all the Halloween fun Caib, Aubree, Chance, Oaklee and I headed home.
Upon our return I went into the living room to ask Braden how he was feeling.(He's the first little Piggy, see previous post) At the time we weren't sure that he had the, infamous, H1 N1 virus, A.K.A Swine flu. He was still fevering but seemed to be feeling fine considering the quantity of mini candy bar wrappers in the garbage bucket beside the couch.
Roger was home as well and thinking back I'm pretty sure that one of the first things he said, if not the first when we walked in was,
"There's a pig out in the yard."
I couldn't compute. See, we don't have pigs, and most people in town are considerate enough to keep their pigs out of town if they happen to have a lot of them. They stink.
So Roger said again,
"There's a pig outside"
I looked at him and then opened the french doors stepped out on our porch and sceptically looked around. The yard appeared to be deserted except for my little terrier who was barking excitedly about something or other. (that's not unusual)
Suddenly from the west side of the yard I saw what, registered in my mind as, a stray dog. Caib stepped out onto the porch behind me.
"Dad said to put it in with the Goat and calf."
Caib Said as he jumped off the porch and scared it back in the direction of that pen. So, I ran over opened the gate as far as I could and then Caib and I spent the next fifteen minutes chasing a half grown, completely pink, pig around the yard.
We couldn't get the thing to go any where we wanted it to. Roger came out and smiling said, "see why we don't own pigs." GRRRR
It probably took us another fifteen minutes to, finally, coral the pig.
But, even then, in the morning it was gone.
Here's a spooky thought:
Caib and I are the only two who haven't gotten the swine flu.
I'm pretty sure the Pink Pig was real......but then again..... It was Halloween and we never did get a good look at that pig.
How are you planning on avoiding the swine flu this year

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Little Piggy

The first little Piggy got the flu.

The second little piggy hasn't got it.

The third little piggy got it yesterday

The fourth little piggy's acting fine (but very pale)

The fifth little piggy cried wee, wee, waaa!! weee! all night long.

Momma Piggy is alright, so far, but very tired,
And Daddy piggy is in denial.