Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Spooky Thought

A witch and her pony(she lost her broom)
and a little duck

Halloween admittedly, was one of my favorite Holidays as a kid. As a mother, not so much. But Like any good mother I know how much kids love Halloween so I try to play along.

After we finished with all the Halloween fun Caib, Aubree, Chance, Oaklee and I headed home.
Upon our return I went into the living room to ask Braden how he was feeling.(He's the first little Piggy, see previous post) At the time we weren't sure that he had the, infamous, H1 N1 virus, A.K.A Swine flu. He was still fevering but seemed to be feeling fine considering the quantity of mini candy bar wrappers in the garbage bucket beside the couch.
Roger was home as well and thinking back I'm pretty sure that one of the first things he said, if not the first when we walked in was,
"There's a pig out in the yard."
I couldn't compute. See, we don't have pigs, and most people in town are considerate enough to keep their pigs out of town if they happen to have a lot of them. They stink.
So Roger said again,
"There's a pig outside"
I looked at him and then opened the french doors stepped out on our porch and sceptically looked around. The yard appeared to be deserted except for my little terrier who was barking excitedly about something or other. (that's not unusual)
Suddenly from the west side of the yard I saw what, registered in my mind as, a stray dog. Caib stepped out onto the porch behind me.
"Dad said to put it in with the Goat and calf."
Caib Said as he jumped off the porch and scared it back in the direction of that pen. So, I ran over opened the gate as far as I could and then Caib and I spent the next fifteen minutes chasing a half grown, completely pink, pig around the yard.
We couldn't get the thing to go any where we wanted it to. Roger came out and smiling said, "see why we don't own pigs." GRRRR
It probably took us another fifteen minutes to, finally, coral the pig.
But, even then, in the morning it was gone.
Here's a spooky thought:
Caib and I are the only two who haven't gotten the swine flu.
I'm pretty sure the Pink Pig was real......but then again..... It was Halloween and we never did get a good look at that pig.
How are you planning on avoiding the swine flu this year


Suz said...

You are funny.

Thanks for sharing.

Hand hygene, etc..........

So are you having pork roast for dinner this Sunday? Maybe the pig ended up in your freezer.



Boy Mom said...

Pigs freak me out, especially Halloween pigs. Sorry about the flu. Weird how it doesn't kill your appetite.