Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanks giving and Christmas trees

I meant to blog these two pictures last but I forgot. I just thought they were such cute pictures. After a good nap this little guy wakes up happy and excited that we are out getting Christmas trees. "by, Mom!"

We started off Saturday into the mountains near our home every one was so excited to go get Christmas trees. So much so that the two littlest fell asleep. While Aubree started in complaining that her tummy hurt. We didn't think to much of it because Aubree is prone to car sickness but this was something more. Chance catching a quick nap on our way out. Oaklee was asleep in my lap. When she woke up she started in complaining about a sick tummy, too. SIGH

And they're off, ax in hand.

What, you've found one already?

Oaklee playing a few minutes in the snow before deciding it's to cold and her tummy really does hurt.Be vewwy vewwy quiet, we're hunting Christmas trees!

Hmmm! what strange tracks!!What could they be!Ah HA!! Looks like he's got oneTime for inspection. Each tree they cut and bring back and hold up for Mom to see.

We always get extra trees for the widows in the ward.
So to finish the story, Oaklee and Aubree were both sick for the rest of the day. Chance and Dad were sick all night and Dad still looks like death warmed over. aparently we picked up the flu at Thanksgiving dinner. We had a great Thanksgiving despite the flu and had a good time visiting with family. Thanks to all those that put in extra time to make Thanksgiving fun!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Kitchen cabinet fronts and Aubree's 3rd grade play

Aubree and three other little cranberries in their Thanks giving play. I love to watch Aubree perform she's so dramatic and she carries all the others through.
you can see the laundry room cabinets In the back room. I still lack the sink and counter tops in there but everything is still functional and I have SOO much cabinet space.
One angle
Same angle. Notice my bar stools that were almost half price so I bought one for each person in the family. Then of course we had to try them out so for Sunday dinner we ate around the Island. It was great and we all had PLENTY of elbow room.
Another angle.
Little by little I'm starting to feel like my house is slowly coming together and it's nicer then anything I imagined. It amazes me. I'm so thankful for the talents of my cabinet maker. He really did an amazing job with what he had to work with. He still needs to put up the crown molding and the handles I will of course blog again when he does. But, If you want to your more then welcome to come down anytime at all and visit It's much nicer in person.
We had our third Sunday get together with the other families in the bishopric and it was amazing that 15 kids and their three mothers didn't seem crowded at all. there is a lot more room in this house. It's so nice.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Living up to Her Name

Sound asleep.
Did we name Oaklee right or is she, simply, living up to her name? Hmmm

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Heber City Cowboy Poetry, Chancee's Chatterings

Once again we spent a week end in Heber City at the cowboy poetry gathering there.

This year we had another family from Loa come as well, the Lymans. They have 5 kids also. Nine out of the 10 kids all recited poems. It was a fun year. Yes Oaklee(2) even did a poem this year. Caib wrote a poem three years ago for Chance to do when he was two years old and Oaklee decided 2 days before we went that she needed to work on her poem, too. So every time the kids would run through their poems some one would go through that poem with her. It goes like this:

I wanna herd a cow

But Dad won't show me how.

Because I'm only two,

I don't know what to do.

But I can hoop and Holler

While on my horse I follow.

-Caib Brian-

Yes, she had it memorized and she did an excellent job.

Chancee's chattering

I often feel a little bit of guilt when my kids come home with a spelling test and have only missed one or two words "ARG!!!!" I think, "If only I had taken a few minutes and gone over their words with them they could be getting hundred percents." The guilt only lasts until they come home with a hundred percent on their next pre-test allowing them to not have to take the final test. (brag, brag, brag)

so when I WAS feeling guilt I picked up Aubree's pre test and was reviewing some words with her.

"Naughty" says I

Aubree: "N...A...U...G...H...T...Y."

Chance: " nnnn, N..... augh augh augh, O.....dee dee dee, D, It's a short word, Aubree. N....O...D...

Luckily Aubree didn't have to flaunt her spelling skills and just laughed.

and then.....
Meet our new bird, "Daisy" yes, I know she's blue but 5 out of seven picked the name Daisy so that's HIS name (shhh don't tell it's a him) It took us from Orem to Nephi to finally agree on a name for uh..ahem...her.
None the less, Chance was NOT happy with the name.
"I want an awesome name for him. Daisy isn't an awesome name it's a pretty name, I don't like pretty names."
Oh well, I guess Reggie would have worked, too but we had the final vote and Daisy it is.
Amos likes having a buddy and Daisy seems to like Amos, too. until Amos starts acting a little hyper and then Daisy puts him in his place with a thump on the head and Amos calms down and they snuggle up to each other and "sing" together.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hunting,Potty Training, Halloween, 'N Counter tops.

Here's the Hunting, Braden got his but Caibs (which was A LOT bigger) got away.

Here's the Potty Training (It's not working very well)
Halloween dinner in a pumpkin

Oaklee trying to decide what to be.

Aubree in her Puppy Costume the elementary always does a parade around the school block and all the parents sit get to come and watch.

Caib? He actually dressed up as Indiana Jones he had a jacket hat whip and gun but he'd taken all that off and put on my costume. I was an ape at the crossing guard.

Oaklee trying out the ape mask

And finally...Saturday night after we all finished trick or treating I got my new counter tops. I really debated posting this because I think the pictures don't show how pretty they really are.

And they REALLY don't show how BIG they are. you're just going to have to come see them to get the whole effect. they really are beautiful.