Monday, November 22, 2010

Kitchen cabinet fronts and Aubree's 3rd grade play

Aubree and three other little cranberries in their Thanks giving play. I love to watch Aubree perform she's so dramatic and she carries all the others through.
you can see the laundry room cabinets In the back room. I still lack the sink and counter tops in there but everything is still functional and I have SOO much cabinet space.
One angle
Same angle. Notice my bar stools that were almost half price so I bought one for each person in the family. Then of course we had to try them out so for Sunday dinner we ate around the Island. It was great and we all had PLENTY of elbow room.
Another angle.
Little by little I'm starting to feel like my house is slowly coming together and it's nicer then anything I imagined. It amazes me. I'm so thankful for the talents of my cabinet maker. He really did an amazing job with what he had to work with. He still needs to put up the crown molding and the handles I will of course blog again when he does. But, If you want to your more then welcome to come down anytime at all and visit It's much nicer in person.
We had our third Sunday get together with the other families in the bishopric and it was amazing that 15 kids and their three mothers didn't seem crowded at all. there is a lot more room in this house. It's so nice.


Adams Family said...

WOW!!!! That looks AMAZING!!! I think I kind of know how it will look in my minds eye but then the pictures blow me away.

Julie Harward said...

What a beautiful kitchen Cathy..I am so happy for you! It makes all the difference in a home...Happy Thanksgiving :D

Nana said...

Your kitchen looks beautiful and I lov all the space. You will have lots of fun cooking in there!!

Cheyenne said...

I LOVE your kitchen, those cupboards are making me a non john deere shade of green. I would love to hear more about them...I would just love to do something over in our kitchen, but need to do this cheaply somehow...:) It just looks so cozy at your place! Hooray for you!

real-life said...

Oh I love it! Everything looks so beautiful. We will have to come down and see sometime soon!

Jennifer said...

Your kitchen is so nice!!! I would love to have all that room. :)
Just found your blog through Little Prairie Baby. :)