Friday, October 31, 2008

Lot's of pictures HALLOWEEN

Chance the horse, Aubree the princess, Caib the red neck and Braden and Caibs Jack-O-Lanterns

I really think Halloween is mostly just an excuse to take lots of pictures and get candy. So here are the pictures.



Go into your pictures file, 4th folder,

fourth picture and post it. Youv'e been tagged if you look at this, and since it's halloween may all sorts of spooks get you tonight if you don't play.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Chance

This is another Chance Creation. All from his own imagination. Yes, Life would be extremely boring with out Our 3 year old. He came in, after being suspiciously quiet for a little to long in his bedroom, and said "Dad, come in my room and see me." a few minutes later Dad comes out of his bedroom laughing and says, "Come in here and look at this." I particularly like the sock fingers. and Mr. Potatoe head smile. The worst part about his creations is that he insists that they remain untouched for a whole day or more before I can clean up.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Proof

Um Check out the chicken legs on Oaklee. I know exactly where she got them from But, I'm sure Roger won't let me post a picture of his legs on my blog to prove it.
Aren't those some good lookin' kids?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Week

in the beginning we carved pumpkins. Then we took pictures, then I told

Chance that this picture had a ghost in it. O.K. O.K. I shouldn't have said anything I admit, but doesn't that look like a ghost to you? Chance thought so, too. sigh..... Now he's scared of the picture. Then I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I have enough pumpkin left to make some pumpkin bread. and maybe even a pie. This could be a new tradition.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's all in the look

You may think the pictures a little goofy but it is all Chance. This is what I see in this picture:

Innocense, Love, excitement, mischief, curiosity, eagerness, tolerance, trust, humor, desire, stubborness and a little fear. It's all in there.

Chance just turned three. What a character. Common phrases we hear about this little guy are:

" Boy I wish I had his energy", "He sure loves life dosen't he?", "Life isn't going to be dull for you is it?" We sure love having Chance. Life would be boring with out a little chance in it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do two little bucks make a "Big Buck"?

He got his Buck!
O.K. Jenny were gonna have venison Friday night. This could be the plan:
Right after work on Friday you could have your date pick you up and drive down here. We'll have a nice meal with the tender loin. (We'll even send a nice roast home with you) All it'll cost you is the gas to get down here.
The funny thing about this whole deer hunting thing, is that at 7:00 AM Roger and Braden left the house. Braden was completely ready for school. By 8:04 AM when his school starts he was there, having shot and gutted his first deer He'd even had time to get there and show it off to the rest of the , I'm guessing jealous, 6th grade boys.
Bradens statement when he got home was "Well, I got Chance a deer for his birthday."
I'm just glad he got one his first year hunting. He was pretty excited when he called about 7:30 to tell us he'd gotten his first deer.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Big Bucks

Grandma James sends each of her grand kids a card and 5 big ones for their birthdays. Chancees' Birthday is tomorrow and Chance got his card last Saturday. I was on my way to the store. We stopped to get the mail. You should have heard the exclamation when he saw the "THREE DOLLARS!" so I let him buy a dollar toy at the store. He was so proud of himself when he put his two very cheap toy guns down on the check out counter and held up his five dollar bill. The clerk smiled and said "Wow! nice guns." Chance replied "Yeah, I'm gonna go get the Big Bucks with Dad." (Saturday was the opening day for the deer hunt for those of you who haven't a clue or really care) The clerk thought he was so cute blah blah blah.... and we went home. (Chance is just one of those kids that leaves people laughing or wondering what just happened)

This morning Roger took Braden out by Uncle Shannons where two little bucks had been spotted. Roger got one, Braden didn't get the other one (dang it). When they got home with the buck they called Chance out to see the deer. "Oh," Chancee says "It's a tiny little buck"

Moral: (I guess)

Five bucks, two little guns and a lot of big talk doesn't, necessarily, guarentee the "Big Bucks"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I thought it turned out cute.

School picture time came around. Here in our little town you have the option of bringing in your preschool kids after school and getting their pictures done, too. so I debated and finally let Roger talk me into taking Chance and Oaklee in and paying the 18.00 apiece for a whole packet of pictures. I was just sure I could take a cute picture myself and just order the 8x10 from walmart so it was only $3.00 But, noooo. Anyway after getting their pictures done I decided to try for a picture of Oaklee. This is what I ended up with. Despite the background couch and the foreground couch cushion I thought the picture of Oaklee was cute enough to hang on the wall for a year. What do you think? I still haven't tried to get Chance to sit for a portrait but I have enough confidence to think I could probably get a cute one of him, too.
Actually I really like the school photographer. I think he does a great job. I was just trying to save a little money.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Braden turned 12, Oct. 1rst. Yesterday he became a deacon. He's a great kid. I'm a lucky Mom. A couple of weeks ago he had his first dance at middle school. He says he hated it. He probably did. School is easy for him. He loves animals. He has a tender heart, and hates to see people being deliberately mean in which case he won't put up with it for long. He's very responsible and I never have to get him out of bed in the morning, no matter how early he has to get up. He teases his siblings a little too much but he obviously loves them. He's lost without Caib and hates it when Caib isn't home to pester, fight with or love. It's fun to watch him play with Chance, he's a great big brother. He's not to sure how to take all the pure princess stuff that Aubree throws out. But he loves to tease her. I love to watch him talk to Oaklee. He loves sports, especially baseball but, because of his concern for the underdog he makes a lousy wrestler. I'm O.K. with that. He's a great cowboy and lives to ride. He loves guns, holsters, saddlebags, cinch straps, spurs, gloves, and chaps. He loves the mountains. Have a great year Braden!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh, It's imagination at work.

Yesterday I cleaned up the cushions that were off the couch yet, again I swear, on my honor, that none of my other children have pulled the couch cushions off like Chance does. ARGHH!!! With him it seems constant. Today I realized that they were tires on a car. I really hope this couch cushion thing pays off eventually. By the way Woody is a great driver.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I have a question.

I think to myself: "Hm I wonder what I'll do for dinner tonight.(No I havent got a weekly, monthly or even daily menu planned)"

So I head into the Laundry room where the freezer is to look and see what might be good for dinner. As I pass the washer I notice that it's empty, heaven forbid, So I stop at the dirty clothes barrel and sort out a dark colors batch throw it in to wash and then notice that the clothes in the dryer aren't running so I open the dryer and feel to see if they are dry.( my dryer takes about three hours to dry a batch of laundry) They aren't dry so I start the dryer again ,empty the lint trap, and notice that I haven't taken the few shirts that I happened to hang up so I wouldn't have to iron them into there closet.They are still hanging there above the dryer. So I grab them while thinking, "I guess I'll take these that I have to iron into the other room, too." Maybe I'll iron them quicker if they're somewhere I can see them.

I head into my bedroom where three more shirts are lying there taunting me with there horrendous wrinkles. so I hang up the shirts that I don't have to iron and as I throw the wrinkly shirts on top of the others I think: "Oh what the heck, I'll just hurry and Iron these."

So I grab the iron and ironing board and shirts,of course, and head into the family room where I can put on a disney movie for Chancee so that I can watch him while I sit there and do the ironing.

Hmmmm.......What to watch? what to watch? How about Pooh Bear for the second time today? No.....Oh I know Cars, Umm........No he has that one memerized. O.K. Ice Age it is I start the movie and the Baby wakes up and is hungry. O.K. feed the baby while watching Ice age It takes me a little longer than normal to feed the baby because, Well ,I get a kick out of the stupid show even though I've probably seen it a hundred times(not Exagerating) and my kids like it.
Laughing at the part where the nearly extinct Dodo's become extinct ,I get up off the couch put the baby down on a blanket on the floor warning Chancee with a bunch of empty threats that were intended to be empty.

"Do not touch or hurt the baby!!!"

I go into the kitchen to grab a drink of water. I finish my drink.

"man, How do the counter tops get so dirty so quick?"

I grab a Wash rag and My beloved Clorox clean up and once again spray them down and wash them off. I notice that the dish rag really needs washed, too. So I throw it into the dirty clothes barrel and seeing the vaccuum, chastise myself for not having gotten the vaccuuming done yesterday when I had planned to do it.

Yes, I grab the vaccuum and pull it out and start to vaccuum. half way through the vaccuuming I notice that it's time for me to go get the kids from school. I flip off the vaccuum grab the two youngest and head for the door so I won't be late setting up the cones and turning on the lights so that I can fulfill my responsibility as the crossing guard.

Upon arriving home from that daily chore, I am bombarded with I am hungries and can I play with so and so's. I get three after school snacks and one after Ice Age snack out of the way and tackle the can I play with so and so's with

"Sure if and when you get your home work done. "And then you've got to do the chores. Maybe you can play on Friday."

So while the kids are working on their homework, which usually takes an hour a problem(sheesh) I get tired of tripping over the vaccuum so I quickly finish with the vaccuuming, I glance at the clock. Holy Cow!! It's 5:30...........So this is my question.


"Maybe I'll iron the shirts tomorrow.......sigh"

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

tried to get a good picture of the fall colors from our drive on Sunday but pictures just don't catch the glow.
besides I'm not that great of a photographer when I'm in the pickup with five, tired of driving, kids. But I did get a sort of nice shot of the desert and Henry Mountains. I love the diverse scenery we have here.

Friday, October 3, 2008

your gonna wish you were here

We're planning a trip across Parker mountain while we listen to conference. The colors this year are amazing. So......... Mom, Your gonna wish you were here.

I love fall time. Apple pies, pumpkins. corn stalks and scarecrows, . But, most of all, I love the light. It glows.

I just received this video which I thought was, quite, good