Monday, October 20, 2008

Big Bucks

Grandma James sends each of her grand kids a card and 5 big ones for their birthdays. Chancees' Birthday is tomorrow and Chance got his card last Saturday. I was on my way to the store. We stopped to get the mail. You should have heard the exclamation when he saw the "THREE DOLLARS!" so I let him buy a dollar toy at the store. He was so proud of himself when he put his two very cheap toy guns down on the check out counter and held up his five dollar bill. The clerk smiled and said "Wow! nice guns." Chance replied "Yeah, I'm gonna go get the Big Bucks with Dad." (Saturday was the opening day for the deer hunt for those of you who haven't a clue or really care) The clerk thought he was so cute blah blah blah.... and we went home. (Chance is just one of those kids that leaves people laughing or wondering what just happened)

This morning Roger took Braden out by Uncle Shannons where two little bucks had been spotted. Roger got one, Braden didn't get the other one (dang it). When they got home with the buck they called Chance out to see the deer. "Oh," Chancee says "It's a tiny little buck"

Moral: (I guess)

Five bucks, two little guns and a lot of big talk doesn't, necessarily, guarentee the "Big Bucks"

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Jenny said...

I can't believe you guys go deer hunting. (oh sorry big buck hunting) I love and I mean love Venison!!! I would love you forever if I could have some :-) One tiny little roast. Or are you just making Jerky?