Monday, April 30, 2012

Chancee's Chatterings

I just can't let this one slip by without recording it for posterity.  Yesterday, being Sunday, was pretty much a normal Sunday for us.  We got up got all the chores done that needed to be done before church, got ready for and went to church.  We were there about ten minutes early....not unusual.  As we sat on the bench waiting for the meeting to begin Chancee leaned over and rested his head on my knee for I would say.. about three seconds.  His head popped up he looked up into my eyes smiled and said,   "I just said a prayer for two things." he holds two fingers up and continues, " first that we'll get a little rain today and second that church will seem to go by fast."  Now, as a mom I immediately felt like I'd better say something....just incase.  Then I shrugged glanced towards heaven and said to Heavenly ears alone, "I think I'll let you handle this one."  I'm beginning to understand that, really that's the best way to deal with things anyway.

I'll tell you what.  Church sure went by quick yesterday, and as for rain.....well. I'm sure He knows when to send some.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Caib's fourteen

Caibs fourteenth Birthday

Somebody started the tradition of every body getting to blow out the candles

So of course all the little ones want a turn.

Oaklee got a hold of the camera and started snapping pictures

Apparently Dad did, too 

Later, after chores were done They put Caibs presents together.  A new rope with a breakaway Hondo

 Caib trying out his new rope quite a challenge with the party hat on.
Hear no evil, see no evil speak no evil.

Now you need to know the torture that Caib has put up with today.  He has a terrible aversion to cameras see the proof below.


Thanks Caib for beeing such a great sport.

I love this kid,  He's got a Great sense of humor and if you can break through the surface he's the loudest kid you'll ever meet.  As we were sitting around the dinner table today Caib started giving Chance a hard time for being a "Momma's Boy"  Where on Two people immediately reminded him about how much of a momma's boy Caib was when he was little.   and sure enough he was probably as bad as if not worse then Chance.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Marking calfs

Caib didn't go into work today , Braden missed his ball games, Dad was up early yelling for the boys to hurry up because is time to do calfs. usually Grandpa's here to help and Grandma makes Lasagna for lunch but they had other Grandparent duties today so we had to make do with Sloppy Joes for lunch.  But they're gittin' 'er Done!

Here to watch dad and the brothers marking calves
birds eye view from the top of the fence

Dad Branding, Caib vaccinating

Braden pushing the cows into the chute

Chance helping with the elasticator. It was his job to put the rubber on the elasticator

Caib and Dad put the rubber on the calf

Showing Mom how to put the rubber on the elasticator

Aubree longing to help

Braden running the calves in to the chute

And holding the calf in the chute

And waiting with the calf in the chute

Boy what a tough job ;)

Chancee on the spot. just doing his job
And pretty Dang proud of it!  In his Indiana Jones hat.

I love to see my Boys all working together They sure have been happy all day long doing the things that they love best!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I must be Growing up.

ten years ago, With two young boy's ages 5 and 4, I remember one day after sufficiently reprimanding them for something, I'm sure they'd done wrong. I looked in the mirror and said what every young mother must do at some point in their young motherhood, I said, "Uhg, you sound just like your mom." I remember thinking that I had planned not to ever sound too, much like my own parents.
Two weeks ago I was sitting on the couch watching general conference when I found myself again gently reprimanding a son. One of those same two.( only now he's almost 14) After my quiet correction I found myself thinking....."I hope I sound like my Mom" That's when I snickered at myself and thought "I must finally be growing up."
I've realized that I am who I am because of my mom's words and teachings. Now, my deepest desires help me to know that her teachings have blessed my life immeasurably and I pray that I can help my children get to a point in their own lives where they stand looking in the mirror and say to themselves " Uhg, I'm starting to sound like my Mom."

It's really not such a bad thing, after all. =)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter skirts

I let time creep up on me and didn't get Easter dresses ordered, bought or made this year so I decided Aubree was old enough to make her own Easter Skirt. Especially since we had just made her a skirt a month or so ago. So, having found a bright pink shirt that she had gotten for Christmas but never worn we went through our material to see what would match....Nothing did so, luckily with Grandma living just across the street we ran over and raided her material stash. we discovered a few cute pieces that matched the shirt and looked Eastery here's what we ended up with. Which do you like the best?
Aubree made this one all by herself. I didn't sew a stitch of it. I love to see her busy and happy.

Because Aubree had two We had to make another for Oaklee

These two were the first ones made. I like these two the best.

My twins born 6 years apart.

K, so I just discovered that I'd been tagged.....who knows how long ago.
here are the questions.

1. Pets, Love em or hate em? I Love Pets, especially cats but I married into a dog family so I now have dogs. I also have parakeets but I LOVE my Yellow Lab I love her personality

2. Favorite Household cleaning product. um....hmmm. I DON"T KNOW.. windex =)

3. What is your most guilty, guilty pleasure? Sun bathing and Hot Chocolate

4. Chocolate, Dark or light. Definitely Dark I LOVE Dark chocolate M&M's

5. The best parenting tip you've ever got. "Your the Parent, be the parent!" It isn't really a tip I was given I just get irritated when parent's let their kids boss everybody around, themselves as well. grr

6. If you were secretly a super hero what would your name be and what super power would you have. Who cares what my name would be...I can read your mind.

7. I just gave you 100 dollars, how do you spend it? every bit of it on Dark chocolate m&m's =) And no. I don't feel guilty.

8. Are you addicted to a TV show? Do tell. No, I sometimes think I might be but....nope

9. Who's your movie star crush? I'm so out of it I don't know many and I wouldn't call it a crush but I do really like Russell Crow.

10. Who is the most inspirational person in your life? My husband...He's said so many things that have made me think and change my life for the better