Saturday, April 21, 2012

Marking calfs

Caib didn't go into work today , Braden missed his ball games, Dad was up early yelling for the boys to hurry up because is time to do calfs. usually Grandpa's here to help and Grandma makes Lasagna for lunch but they had other Grandparent duties today so we had to make do with Sloppy Joes for lunch.  But they're gittin' 'er Done!

Here to watch dad and the brothers marking calves
birds eye view from the top of the fence

Dad Branding, Caib vaccinating

Braden pushing the cows into the chute

Chance helping with the elasticator. It was his job to put the rubber on the elasticator

Caib and Dad put the rubber on the calf

Showing Mom how to put the rubber on the elasticator

Aubree longing to help

Braden running the calves in to the chute

And holding the calf in the chute

And waiting with the calf in the chute

Boy what a tough job ;)

Chancee on the spot. just doing his job
And pretty Dang proud of it!  In his Indiana Jones hat.

I love to see my Boys all working together They sure have been happy all day long doing the things that they love best!


Techno Grandma said...

What the ???? is an elasticator??

Jenny said...

Yeah, this is a job I wouldn't be envious of. Of everyone, I'm most impressed with Braden. His job looks really hard and he does it so well. Looking awesome all the while. ;)

I love the Chance is taking his job so seriously too.

Boy Mom said...

I could have used the calf squisher thingy in my bathtub a few years back. Is there anything harder then getting a nine year old in the shower?