Sunday, April 29, 2012

Caib's fourteen

Caibs fourteenth Birthday

Somebody started the tradition of every body getting to blow out the candles

So of course all the little ones want a turn.

Oaklee got a hold of the camera and started snapping pictures

Apparently Dad did, too 

Later, after chores were done They put Caibs presents together.  A new rope with a breakaway Hondo

 Caib trying out his new rope quite a challenge with the party hat on.
Hear no evil, see no evil speak no evil.

Now you need to know the torture that Caib has put up with today.  He has a terrible aversion to cameras see the proof below.


Thanks Caib for beeing such a great sport.

I love this kid,  He's got a Great sense of humor and if you can break through the surface he's the loudest kid you'll ever meet.  As we were sitting around the dinner table today Caib started giving Chance a hard time for being a "Momma's Boy"  Where on Two people immediately reminded him about how much of a momma's boy Caib was when he was little.   and sure enough he was probably as bad as if not worse then Chance.

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Jenny said...

Happy Birthday, Caib! I love how serious your boys look on film. It makes me want to see if I can make em laugh. Veggie Tales still work?

PS I love your sweater! Where'd you get it?