Monday, August 27, 2012

What a Job

So... I've been really busy...or at least it feels like it.  Just to let everyone know. I Love Volleyball.  I love coaching.  I even Love high school kids.  But I'm sure learning a lot!!!  I've just got to figure out how to build a Volleyball program that's successful and beneficial to the girls who play high school ball.  I've got to figure out how to manage my three little ones so that they are succeeding in school and at home.  I've got to make sure the house stays in order and that everybody has clean clothes to wear.  I've got to figure out how to convince high strung players that we really need them. and convince them not to quit the team. I've got to help Freshmen understand that they now have be to be responsible and accountable (I LOVE the freshmen)
I have to learn a whole new set of rules for Volleyball with three different positions for each player for each serve rotation AND receiving rotation.  I've got to remind my body how to serve, pass and hit the ball.  I've got to know how to give a pep talk before the game and what to say after a game if we win/loose.  I've had to learn what a Libero is and how to use her in a game if I decide I want to.  I've got to figure out how and when to call time outs......  And believe it or not I'm really enjoying this whole experience.  Even though I never imagined I'd be a High School Volleyball coach

Monday, August 13, 2012

remember the blessings

Hobbling around for 10 days has say the least.... quite annoying.  Saturday I was in a bit of a bad mood because I was so tired of having to deal with crutches and get around.  We were on our way to Orderville to watch Braden play in the championship game at a tournament they'd been in for baseball.
We'd stopped to use the restroom at one point and I was hobbling around being miserable as I tried as best I could to help Oaklee use the bathroom and clean up.  She finally looked up at me and said.  "Well, mom good thing you can still use the bathroom."

How right she was.  sigh... sometimes I forget to appreciate the things I can do with a messed up ankle.

They lost the championship game by a few runs but it was fun to watch Braden scoop up a ball way out in left field and throw it clear in to home plate to get the runner out.  he also had a couple of great hits

Friday, August 10, 2012


No I didn't do this playing Volleyball.  It was softball and second base.  I'm guessing that any serious softball player has had an encounter with second base if not home plate...sigh
 the swelling.  It's kind of hard to see all the bruising but it's black and blue halfway up my leg.
 Aubree thought I needed to show the back side of my toes because they were so purple.
I just hate being unable to get around on the volleyball court.