Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Cowboy in Hunters Safety

Sitting in hunter safety class I turned and looked around
A few kids were my age but mostly what I found

Is just a few of us was cowboys you could tell it from our face
We kind of looked a little bored, confused and out of place

See the things that we was learning were things the cowboys always known
We’ve learned it second nature and way before were fully grown.

you know how you would feel if the Feds all just decided
That in order to go walking you would have to be provided

With a license that they issued after you had proved your understanding
Of the scientific marvel of this thing that’s more then simply standing

Well that’s a little how we felt sitting there upon our chairs
Trying hard to make our faces seem enlightened with our stares

And when testing time arrived and we had to prove what we had “learnt”
The whole class was kind of nervous but us cowboys really weren’t

And seeing how I scored second highest in the class
I was pretty sure that only missing two I would pass.

The finest part of all was when we got to prove our skill
And shoot our 22’s at a rabbit on a hill.

The first thing that I thought when we were told we’d get to shoot
Was maybe I could skin it out and keep it’s lucky foot

But, where was the question that really bothered me,
Would they get those 40 rabbits, just so that all of we

Could prove our ability to hit the things we shoot at
Oh well, I decided , It’s something I could shake a boot at

Well, you can just imagine at how shocked I found my brain
When I learnt that our rabbits wouldn’t feel any pain

And not because our skills were what you’d call the best
T’was because them silly targets were what you probably guessed

Just pictures on a paper is what they really were
And now I was a wondering just how they would be sure

Who in this hunters safety class could really pull a trigger
If the thing that they was shooting at was alive and maybe bigger

Oh well, I decided as I brought my paper in
And watched as the instructor looked shocked and rubbed his chin.

He handed back my target said "WOW!" and shook his head.
there just aint much of a challenge when shootin something that seems dead.

O.K. critics (Mom and Jenny)let's have it . Where do I need to fix the rythym etc. On this one?

This is a true, though somewhat exagerated(with the kids thoughts) poem about what happened with Braden in his hunters safety class. Braden and his Buddy were both about 10 years old when they took Hunters Safety. His buddy scored the highest score on the written exam while Braden scored 2nd highest. I'll bet both these kids (well I know Braden has)have grown up shooting. It's litterally like learning to walk. It's just something that goes a long with being a cowboy. Ya gotta know the skills of the trade.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Annual Tramp Collection Day

"What" you may say. "Is an Annual tramp collection day?" Well. I'll tell you. I really get a kick out of this but only because I haven't heard of any serious injuries to go along with it. It happens every spring. I really wish I had a good picture to go with it, but, I don't.Loa is situated in a high mountain valley, I believe, right on the edge of the main weather patterns that cross Utah. Every spring The wind blows like you wouldn't believe. It's just part of living here. And, in fact, Most of the spring time Mothers are busily trying to keep their precious children inside for fear they will be blown away with one good gust of wind. This is not a joke. Just this week my neighbor who, moved in last year came knocking at the door. She was concerned that our horses across the street might have gotten out because her trampoline had just blown across the street, through the gate to the pasture, through our pasture, over the fence on the other side, and had come to rest up against some sheds and a fence. She was worried that it had taken out the fence and that our horses had escaped. They hadn't . Roger had been inspired to move the horse that morning. Fortunately, he had left the gate open and the tramp must have blown right through it and then over the fence on the other side. never hurting a thing.And so..... Today people who didn't have their tramps in a secure spot have been out gathering up the remains of their tramps(annual tramp collection day) and either hauling them to the dump or home with the idea that somehow they can un mangle them and they will be as good as new.My favorite episode of a flying tramp was when the neighbors trampoline three doors down launched on it's first and only flight. It ended up swinging from the telephone wires and had to be rescued by the fire department. The sad thing about this is there really is no guarantee that if you own a trampoline and secure it from the wind that it will never take flight. and, also, there is usually more than one annual Tramp Collection But, I still call it that.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Defending Dad

Scroll down When I add pictures everything keeps getting lower. I'm not sure why.

I hurried up to the attic a few morning ago to get the baby quilting frames. I say hurried because everyone was getting ready for school and leaving and I knew that if I didn't have Braden and Caib there to help me I would struggle getting them down. So I handed the frames down the very steep and cluttered stairs to Braden and then grabbed the two quilting frame stands, that I have, and handed them to Caib. When I carefully climbed back down the very steep and cluttered stairs from the attic, the boys curiously asked me why I only had two quilting stands when there are obviously 4 corners that need holding up. Now, being in a hurry and not thinking I simply said

" Because that's just how your dad always does things. Only half way."(he made these two stands for me quite a few years ago and has never gotten arround to making the other two) I promise it was not a malicious statement. It was just that, a statement of fact but, the brothers were so quick at defending their dad that I had to laugh. Caib Said, "That isn't true, Mom" and Braden added "Yeah, He doesn't even have the saddlebags he's making for us half done, yet."

Two years ago The boys found under the Christmas tree an I.O.U. note from their Dad. It told them that he was going to make them each a pair of saddlebags. I know he'll eventually get all this, half or almost half, stuff done and, hey, it is great to have so much to look forward to.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Times

When all was finally said, and life was marching by.

The cowboy raised his head, and with a twinkle in his eye.

He recalled the days of youth, The good times and the bad.

He had learned some precious truth, from some trials that he'd had.

He knew from life's experience, that no matter where we stand.

There will be some interference. That's the way that it was planned.

The bad things in our past may just out weigh the good.

But the good ones sure outlast all the bad that we've withstood.

If, at all you doubt this, and you really can't be to sure

Then try to think about this: A cowboy's life is full of manure!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Here I sit.

That's right here I sit avoiding house work while reading emails and blogs. You know, sometimes I have these really deep thoughts about, oh..... life. But by the time I sit down here I can't remember what they were. Lately though I have to admit. I keep asking myself "So, is this it?" I'm referring to life. Now don't think I have a bad attitude or anything.(I assume it's somewhat of a mid-life thing) I'm really just wondering, "Is this it?" Is this the "Happily ever after" we all look forward to as kids? A quote that the giver told us not to repeat went something like this "Don't endure to the end. Just endure" My feelings were that he was letting us know that in order to experience the good we will always have to endure hard things. So my question is. (and I think I know the answer) Is H.F. Living His "happily ever after" because if that is so. He obviously is still enduring.

Now. Doesn't it help to write down thoughts when we are "enduring"? 'Cause Though I may sound like I'm struggling. I'm not! I just expressed myself so that I can now see clearly what I need to do to change things. Believe it or not it still involves sitting here reading blogs and avoiding housework. As well as finding Joy in the little crazy things my children do to make me smile. Yes, I'll endure but I'll do it with a smile and with time set aside to do the things that I enjoy. Now excuse me while I go and tackle the laundry and my two year olds' messes.