Saturday, April 19, 2008

Annual Tramp Collection Day

"What" you may say. "Is an Annual tramp collection day?" Well. I'll tell you. I really get a kick out of this but only because I haven't heard of any serious injuries to go along with it. It happens every spring. I really wish I had a good picture to go with it, but, I don't.Loa is situated in a high mountain valley, I believe, right on the edge of the main weather patterns that cross Utah. Every spring The wind blows like you wouldn't believe. It's just part of living here. And, in fact, Most of the spring time Mothers are busily trying to keep their precious children inside for fear they will be blown away with one good gust of wind. This is not a joke. Just this week my neighbor who, moved in last year came knocking at the door. She was concerned that our horses across the street might have gotten out because her trampoline had just blown across the street, through the gate to the pasture, through our pasture, over the fence on the other side, and had come to rest up against some sheds and a fence. She was worried that it had taken out the fence and that our horses had escaped. They hadn't . Roger had been inspired to move the horse that morning. Fortunately, he had left the gate open and the tramp must have blown right through it and then over the fence on the other side. never hurting a thing.And so..... Today people who didn't have their tramps in a secure spot have been out gathering up the remains of their tramps(annual tramp collection day) and either hauling them to the dump or home with the idea that somehow they can un mangle them and they will be as good as new.My favorite episode of a flying tramp was when the neighbors trampoline three doors down launched on it's first and only flight. It ended up swinging from the telephone wires and had to be rescued by the fire department. The sad thing about this is there really is no guarantee that if you own a trampoline and secure it from the wind that it will never take flight. and, also, there is usually more than one annual Tramp Collection But, I still call it that.

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