Friday, April 4, 2008

Here I sit.

That's right here I sit avoiding house work while reading emails and blogs. You know, sometimes I have these really deep thoughts about, oh..... life. But by the time I sit down here I can't remember what they were. Lately though I have to admit. I keep asking myself "So, is this it?" I'm referring to life. Now don't think I have a bad attitude or anything.(I assume it's somewhat of a mid-life thing) I'm really just wondering, "Is this it?" Is this the "Happily ever after" we all look forward to as kids? A quote that the giver told us not to repeat went something like this "Don't endure to the end. Just endure" My feelings were that he was letting us know that in order to experience the good we will always have to endure hard things. So my question is. (and I think I know the answer) Is H.F. Living His "happily ever after" because if that is so. He obviously is still enduring.

Now. Doesn't it help to write down thoughts when we are "enduring"? 'Cause Though I may sound like I'm struggling. I'm not! I just expressed myself so that I can now see clearly what I need to do to change things. Believe it or not it still involves sitting here reading blogs and avoiding housework. As well as finding Joy in the little crazy things my children do to make me smile. Yes, I'll endure but I'll do it with a smile and with time set aside to do the things that I enjoy. Now excuse me while I go and tackle the laundry and my two year olds' messes.

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