Thursday, April 17, 2008

Defending Dad

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I hurried up to the attic a few morning ago to get the baby quilting frames. I say hurried because everyone was getting ready for school and leaving and I knew that if I didn't have Braden and Caib there to help me I would struggle getting them down. So I handed the frames down the very steep and cluttered stairs to Braden and then grabbed the two quilting frame stands, that I have, and handed them to Caib. When I carefully climbed back down the very steep and cluttered stairs from the attic, the boys curiously asked me why I only had two quilting stands when there are obviously 4 corners that need holding up. Now, being in a hurry and not thinking I simply said

" Because that's just how your dad always does things. Only half way."(he made these two stands for me quite a few years ago and has never gotten arround to making the other two) I promise it was not a malicious statement. It was just that, a statement of fact but, the brothers were so quick at defending their dad that I had to laugh. Caib Said, "That isn't true, Mom" and Braden added "Yeah, He doesn't even have the saddlebags he's making for us half done, yet."

Two years ago The boys found under the Christmas tree an I.O.U. note from their Dad. It told them that he was going to make them each a pair of saddlebags. I know he'll eventually get all this, half or almost half, stuff done and, hey, it is great to have so much to look forward to.

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