Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Cowboy in Hunters Safety

Sitting in hunter safety class I turned and looked around
A few kids were my age but mostly what I found

Is just a few of us was cowboys you could tell it from our face
We kind of looked a little bored, confused and out of place

See the things that we was learning were things the cowboys always known
We’ve learned it second nature and way before were fully grown.

you know how you would feel if the Feds all just decided
That in order to go walking you would have to be provided

With a license that they issued after you had proved your understanding
Of the scientific marvel of this thing that’s more then simply standing

Well that’s a little how we felt sitting there upon our chairs
Trying hard to make our faces seem enlightened with our stares

And when testing time arrived and we had to prove what we had “learnt”
The whole class was kind of nervous but us cowboys really weren’t

And seeing how I scored second highest in the class
I was pretty sure that only missing two I would pass.

The finest part of all was when we got to prove our skill
And shoot our 22’s at a rabbit on a hill.

The first thing that I thought when we were told we’d get to shoot
Was maybe I could skin it out and keep it’s lucky foot

But, where was the question that really bothered me,
Would they get those 40 rabbits, just so that all of we

Could prove our ability to hit the things we shoot at
Oh well, I decided , It’s something I could shake a boot at

Well, you can just imagine at how shocked I found my brain
When I learnt that our rabbits wouldn’t feel any pain

And not because our skills were what you’d call the best
T’was because them silly targets were what you probably guessed

Just pictures on a paper is what they really were
And now I was a wondering just how they would be sure

Who in this hunters safety class could really pull a trigger
If the thing that they was shooting at was alive and maybe bigger

Oh well, I decided as I brought my paper in
And watched as the instructor looked shocked and rubbed his chin.

He handed back my target said "WOW!" and shook his head.
there just aint much of a challenge when shootin something that seems dead.

O.K. critics (Mom and Jenny)let's have it . Where do I need to fix the rythym etc. On this one?

This is a true, though somewhat exagerated(with the kids thoughts) poem about what happened with Braden in his hunters safety class. Braden and his Buddy were both about 10 years old when they took Hunters Safety. His buddy scored the highest score on the written exam while Braden scored 2nd highest. I'll bet both these kids (well I know Braden has)have grown up shooting. It's litterally like learning to walk. It's just something that goes a long with being a cowboy. Ya gotta know the skills of the trade.

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