Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Something I'm guilty of, That Durn Procrastination bug. I've been meaning to Blog about Christmas and New years and all but I just keep procrastinating. Plus it's Basketball season, no I don't watch the Jazz, all though I'm always happy when they win, but my interests are in the Wayne High Badgers and the the Wayne Middle School 7/8 th grade teams. My two oldest boys are each on a team and we've been Busy running here and there and all over the place, and sometimes back and forth from here to a small town two hours away and back only to have to turn around and drive back down to the town two hours away the next day for the other boy to play.
So I've felt a lot busier then normal. But I love watching my boys so we go =). I've discovered, surprisingly, That I'm the type of Mom that yells at her boy to foul out if he get's treated to ruffly on the court. here's what happened.

My 8th grader is one of the taller boy's on the floor so he covers the center, The team they were playing was a great little basketball team except for the fact that they played a little bit dirty, we were playing on their court with their refs and at the end of the 2nd period the foul ratio was us 12 to there 1 or 2 or something like that. It was a big enough margin to figure out that the calls were a little lopsided. all the parent's and the coaches were a bit flabbergasted but the boys seemed to be taking it fairly well. Caib, was guarding under the basket trying to keep his opponent from getting the ball and scoring When the kid put his arm up on Caib and shoved him about ten feet and dropped him to the floor. the kid then had the ball passed into him and Caib Jumped up and swatted the ball HARD twice as the kid tried to shoot. Of course the foul was called on Caib and I found myself shouting at the top of my voice."CAIB, YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO FOUL OUT OF THIS GAME IF YOUR GONNA BE TREATED LIKE THAT!!!" I was so mad. of course after I yelled I was amazed that I had let my feelings get so out of control. We lost that game, go figure. I was pretty quiet the rest of the game but one of our other boy's mothers wasn't, boy, she yelled at the top of her lungs at every foul the refs called whether it was legit or not. Roger thought it would have been more appropriate if they had just given the other team a twenty to zero advantage to begin with. Aw well, The boy's learned a lot
and we had an exciting ride home as it snowed pretty heavily for 3/4ths of the way home. GOTTA love basketball!

This is also that horrible time of year where I start putting things off until spring time....Now if any of you know anything at all about Loa you will know that Springtime never really comes to this little town. Nope, we jump from Freezing cold winters in May to Summer in July, June seems to be a mix of winter and Summer it's either ice on the sprinklers or a nice summer day.

So when I put things off until Spring I guess I'm just in a state of denial. Or else I'm trying to cushion the idea that I may just never get some things done. And so Life moves on with somethings never getting done.