Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pregnant and Miserable???

NO!!! I'm NOT pregnant. But I know A Lot of people that are right now.
And I feel for You!! Really, I do.

So Does Molly!!

We're expecting pups any day now. Sadly, we didn't know she was expecting until last week. I know you can't tell by the picture, but she hides it really well until the last two weeks. and then suddenly we start to suspect something.

I mean REEALLY start to suspect something!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

You just can't change gender! I'm SORRY!!

A very common topic around this little country ranch house is............You guessed it, horses.
Having your own horse (and dog) around here is just part of who we are. The Most frequently talked about area is the birth of a new colt or filly each spring and who will get the new little horse. We have one brood mare.
So....Sunday morning Chance begins talking about the foal that will be born this spring. I guess at some point he has concluded that the little horse will be his.
"I'm going to name my horse Jack." Says Chance.
"What if your horse is a girl?" questions Caib.
"My horse is not a girl." Chance replies.
"It Could be" says Caib
"NO IT CAN'T!!" shout's Chance "A GIRL ISN'T NAMED JACK!"
"You could call it Jaquelin if it turns out to be a girl." I meekly try.
"MOM, My horse is a BOY" He growls
"But what if it IS a girl?" says Caib, trying not to laugh.
"CAIB!!!!" Chance, again, shouts, with exasperation this time. "A BOY CAN NOT BE A GIRL! MY HORSES NAME IS JACK!!!"
I don't think were going to tell this kid what gender his horse is. It's just easier that way.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Moving on, Growing up....maybe

It's time!!!! Oaklee is going to move from her crib to a big bed. So I decided today just to make sure I'd put her in her "big" bed for her nap. It worked Like a charm. I layed her down, tucked her in, gave her a cup of water, said "Night Night", and left the room, quietly shutting the door so she could sleep undisturbed. As I was closing the door she said.

"Night Night"

I then promptly carried on with my house cleaning. I could hear her in her room banging around a little but She wasn't crying or carrying on so I just continued with my house work.

It's been an hour so I just went in to check on her. This is what I found.

Theres an Old green rocking chair in her room. Chance made a hut behind it by putting a pillow and a blanket on the floor.

It's obviously a great little hut.

Monday, March 8, 2010

"My Three Sons"

This is definitely not the best picture around but I was trying to get a quick picture of Braden out doing his chores in shorts and snow boots. this is so typical of Braden. He's such an easy going kid not much bothers him.

This is Caibs ingenuity. This toaster has lasted forever. I was so proud of it. It's probably the cheapest toaster around but it seemed indestructible. Then one morning I went in to make some toast and was soo disappointed. The button that you push down so the toast will sink and toast wouldn't stay down. So for two days any time any one made toast they would have to stand by the toaster and hold down that button until their toast was as done as they wanted it. (people were eating toast that was barely toasted because of it.) Then Caib decided he wanted some toast. It didn't take him long to discover how boring making toast is, so Caib, being Caib, did what Caib does best.....That is he used whatever was close at hand to fix the problem. The problem being--Caib did not want to have to stand there while his Toast was cooking. I love Caibs' problem solving abilities. I think He gets it from His Grandpa Brian. And then there's Chance....... I think the picture says it all.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Miscellaneous Stuff

Oaklee wearing her brothers hat.
A Puppy in training. The poor sheep have been sheared and it's still so cold here.
They don't seem to mind, but I can't help shivering when I see them.

Cold enough to still find icicle's
Chance found one that looked just like a glass sword.

And then there was Bradens science fair project. He was curious about ballistics. He made this contraption with one inch boards screwed onto another board at 1/2 inch intervals. He then Shot through the boards at 3 feet away and then 5 feet away. He discovered that the farther away he got from the board the more staggered the different types of 22 bullets were. He used hollow points, and two other kinds.

Interestingly enough the bullets all went through 5 boards and penetrated the 6th except for maybe one. We decided that he probably should have done a little more shooting to be more accurate, but he still ended up with a second place. He was pretty happy about that.
So now we just continue waiting for warmer weather and more miscellaneous activities. Braden and Caib have started Basketball, though, with there first game on Saturday, against each other. At least we only have to watch one game instead of two.
AND we're guarenteed at least one of them will win their game ;)