Thursday, March 4, 2010

Miscellaneous Stuff

Oaklee wearing her brothers hat.
A Puppy in training. The poor sheep have been sheared and it's still so cold here.
They don't seem to mind, but I can't help shivering when I see them.

Cold enough to still find icicle's
Chance found one that looked just like a glass sword.

And then there was Bradens science fair project. He was curious about ballistics. He made this contraption with one inch boards screwed onto another board at 1/2 inch intervals. He then Shot through the boards at 3 feet away and then 5 feet away. He discovered that the farther away he got from the board the more staggered the different types of 22 bullets were. He used hollow points, and two other kinds.

Interestingly enough the bullets all went through 5 boards and penetrated the 6th except for maybe one. We decided that he probably should have done a little more shooting to be more accurate, but he still ended up with a second place. He was pretty happy about that.
So now we just continue waiting for warmer weather and more miscellaneous activities. Braden and Caib have started Basketball, though, with there first game on Saturday, against each other. At least we only have to watch one game instead of two.
AND we're guarenteed at least one of them will win their game ;)

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Suz said...

Isn't it great when somebody wins?

Pray for sunshine, we are cold too!