Monday, March 8, 2010

"My Three Sons"

This is definitely not the best picture around but I was trying to get a quick picture of Braden out doing his chores in shorts and snow boots. this is so typical of Braden. He's such an easy going kid not much bothers him.

This is Caibs ingenuity. This toaster has lasted forever. I was so proud of it. It's probably the cheapest toaster around but it seemed indestructible. Then one morning I went in to make some toast and was soo disappointed. The button that you push down so the toast will sink and toast wouldn't stay down. So for two days any time any one made toast they would have to stand by the toaster and hold down that button until their toast was as done as they wanted it. (people were eating toast that was barely toasted because of it.) Then Caib decided he wanted some toast. It didn't take him long to discover how boring making toast is, so Caib, being Caib, did what Caib does best.....That is he used whatever was close at hand to fix the problem. The problem being--Caib did not want to have to stand there while his Toast was cooking. I love Caibs' problem solving abilities. I think He gets it from His Grandpa Brian. And then there's Chance....... I think the picture says it all.


Julie Harward said...

You have such awesome sons and that little gal in the black hat is adorable! I love how he fixed the toaster...I'll call him! LOL

Adams Family said...

Those are cute. And that one of Oakley needs to be on the cover of one of your books.

Techno Grandma said...

Ah, Caib. I love your creativity. Oner time I went to Rexburg to pick up the girls from college. On the way back It began raining very hard and my windshield wipers didn't work. We fastened a rubber band to the end of the wiper on the drivers side and to the base of the other wiper. Then we tied a string to the end of the wiper and pulled it through the top of the window. I would pull on the string and the rubber band would pull it back. worked like a charm!! ;)

Olivia Tastemaker said...

Love the toaster!

Suz said...

Thumbs up to Chance, he has the idea. " Bring on the SUN!"

I'll keep my thoughts about the rubber band to my self. he-he-he.

I tried to pack away all my boys shorts in the winter. They always searched them out.

I remember Susan telling Jacob and Joshua they couldn't wear shorts until the snow melted of Maple Mtn.