Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shocked and unbelievable

I finished lecturing my 9 year old as I walked into the bathroom. Unfortunately I happened to glance into the mirror and watched myself end the lecture. I stopped and stared at myself for just a few minutes made a stupid face and then said(out loud of course) to my reflection. "Holy Crap!!! you're the MOM!"
Not a very comforting thought. What am I doing? I'm sure all you moms out there have had that exact experience. I just hope it wasn't quite as shocking and unbelievable as mine was. If kids only knew.......
I'm glad that they have so much trust and confidence in me! Their confidence may just help me succeed as a Mom

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I've spent the last couple of weeks nursing sick children and husbands back to health. Luckily I only had a minor case of whatever has been going around Wayne county. It has been horrible. At the elementary school they finally spent the last half hour of the school day on Tuesday Handing out Clorox wipes and having the kids wipe down every thing from their desks to their pencils to anything that anybody could possibly touch. They don't know if it helped but the school secretary told me at least it felt like it helped.

The clinic has been on a first come first see policy with no arranged appointments. for two weeks now. They even opened last Sunday because it was so bad. The Sunday before they called one of the wards and told them to call all the senior citizens and recomend that they not go to church that week. I really don't know why anyone would even chance going to the clinic. I squirm at the thought of all those bugs flying around the place.

Aubree suffered through the sickness twice but seems to have pulled through it O.K. after having lost a noticeable amount of weight. Chance on the other hand seems to have aquired a green tint to his skin wich I can't explain????? But other wise seems fine.

O.K. O.K. so I'd much rather deal with the normal antics of a two year old then His being as sick as he was. Thank heavens we pulled through it and I hope it's over with.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Yes It Is a Girl

My Lack of Organization

Some how My two year old was born with the ability to organize. Don't ask me where he got it from. Unless I had a small store of it hidden somewhere in my genetic pool and he happened to latch onto it in vitro (is that how it's spelled?) That is a very big possibility because ever since his birth I have been less organized and more scatter brained then ever. In other words I lost what little ability I did have. So here he is with his latest orgnizing drill. Usually he lines up every single matchbox car and Cars car that he can find.
so my question is how do you get mad at such an organized mess by a two year old?
It's impossible!!!
I just hope it's not some compulsive disorder that will get worse with age because if it is he picked the wrong family to be a part of. The thing that scares me is just try to move one car or paper out of line and you might just discover a whole new meaning to the terrible twos.
I'm mad! my last post wouldn't publish because of some error on a picture. I can't post it with out the picture. The picture says to much. So I guess you don't get much this time.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Going Crazy

What kind of a world do you live in? I just realized the other day that it can't be just me that feels as if the world is somehow spinning out of control.
Roger called. I've been experiencing washer troubles. My washer is slowly dying. Roger decided that maybe he would check into a new washer and for some strange reason called up and asked me what the brand name on my refrigerator was I went and looked and told him "It's a hotpoint" "O.K. so whats the brand name on the stove?" Was his next question I walked over looked and told him "It's a Fridgedair" I think That clinches it. This world is a mess and we are all just goin' with the flow. I wonder when we'll all wake up look around in complete shock and realize the real mess we're in.
(I just thought this was a cute picture and I like it when people have pictures on their blogs)