Sunday, December 20, 2009

Caib's Comments

This is quite a kid. He never is completely comfortable until he gets into the saddle. He's quick thinking and has a sense of humor that takes some getting use to.

Bed time is at 9:00 pm. We say family prayers, and then I walk downstairs with the kids an tuck them all into bed. I have to admit, it's always a bit of a relief when I finally get everyone to bed and have a few minutes to breath. Especially today after listening to Caib ask over and over : "How come the week before Christmas always takes soooooo Looong!!!!!!! Do I have To go to school Monday? Mom, Can you just call my Math teacher, Please?"

"What the heck? Why should I call your math teacher?" Says I

"To tell her not to give me any homework" Is his reply, and it's in the most serious tone you can imagine. I almost think he is serious.

But tonight as I was tucking him in was the best, because he was serious, and I couldn't help but admire the way he's decided to handle this next "LOOOOONG" week. He'd laid down in bed and I was pulling the covers up over him when he says: "Oh Wait." He jumps out of bed and begins setting his alarm clock as he says, "I'm gonna set it earlier so I can get up earlier and get tomorrow over with."

Now, why didn't I ever think of that when I was a kid?

Thanks, Caib, for the great attitude!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just a quick question from Chance.

This is the one week where (I assume that) I don't have time for silly questions. Especially as I'm desperately running around trying to get all the kids fed, bathed, dressed kissed and off to school. Oh alright, two refuse the kissing part, but you get my drift. So there sits Chance at the breakfast table eating cold cereal and he looks up at me and asks:

"Mom, Where would the milk go if you pour it in your ear?"

I stopped rushing around, turned and stared at Chance. For one brief second there was a moment of eternity captured, as Chance looked at me with his question face on and I seriously thought about exactly where the milk would go if he did pour it in his ear.

Thankfully in the back ground I hear Caib pipe up with the answer:

" It'd run right through your head and out the other ear!"

May you all have a few moments of eternity as you rush through this next busy week.


Merry Christmas!!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Christmas Tree

setting up the tree
The finished product.

I decided to just go with the kids ornaments this year(Each kid get's a new ornament each year). with a very few extra's. It's a bit bare but every ornament brings back memories. And, besides, my favorite thing about the tree is the lights.

Can you tell we have a one year old again? actually, She's done a lot better at leaving the tree alone then I expected. Still, It doesn't hurt to be cautious.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chancee's Chattering's

Well, It's official, We've decided to keep her.
Chance came into the room where Roger was sitting in a chair holding Oaklee and asked.....
"Dad, Can we keep her?"

Roger trying to keep a strait face say's "um....Why should we keep her?"

Chance began a narrative of reasons why he thought we should keep his little sister.

"Because, when she get's older she can play Board games with me and because I love her and ....." on and on and on.........
We were so busy trying not to laugh at his animated expressions that neither Roger and I can remember the whole list of reasons he gave us.
So animated !We sure love our Chance!!!

And yes, I guess we will keep our little Oaklee.

Ah, HECK, I guess we'll keep them all!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Elk For Thanksgiving

I've been gonna blog all about my wonderful Thanksgiving Holliday and let every one know all the marvelous things I'm thankful for but, That just hasn't happened. So, I'll tell you this. Thanksgiving Morning Dad and his boys went hunting. Braden still hadn't filled his antlerless elk tag and neither had Dad. I stayed home with cooked turkey, stuffing, salads, pie, and the little girls. We were getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. With about 30 minutes to go the phone rings.

Dad: "Well, Braden got his elk"

Me:(muffled sigh) "GOOD! So how far away are you"

We were only 30 min. late to Thanksgiving dinner but, Braden had a nice conversation topic.

Friday morning 4:00 AM My sister-in-law honks and I stagger outside. That's right, for the first year ever I have hit the Black Friday Sales. I guess it was worth it as far as the deals we got. It was definately worth it because we had such a great time! I Love my Sister-in-laws! They are definately Ladies of action!!

On our way home at about 11:00AM We were about five minutes from home when we pass Roger and the boys. They were on their way to the mountain to do a little more hunting. So now I have two Elk and some frozen venison that I have to bottle and Jerk, and here I sit Blogging.

Finally, Trationally, we went out Saturday and got our Christmas tree!! I'm thinking that this is, probably, one of my most favorite days of the year!

enjoying the snow while getting tree's

playing in the snow