Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just a quick question from Chance.

This is the one week where (I assume that) I don't have time for silly questions. Especially as I'm desperately running around trying to get all the kids fed, bathed, dressed kissed and off to school. Oh alright, two refuse the kissing part, but you get my drift. So there sits Chance at the breakfast table eating cold cereal and he looks up at me and asks:

"Mom, Where would the milk go if you pour it in your ear?"

I stopped rushing around, turned and stared at Chance. For one brief second there was a moment of eternity captured, as Chance looked at me with his question face on and I seriously thought about exactly where the milk would go if he did pour it in his ear.

Thankfully in the back ground I hear Caib pipe up with the answer:

" It'd run right through your head and out the other ear!"

May you all have a few moments of eternity as you rush through this next busy week.


Merry Christmas!!!!