Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Elk For Thanksgiving

I've been gonna blog all about my wonderful Thanksgiving Holliday and let every one know all the marvelous things I'm thankful for but, That just hasn't happened. So, I'll tell you this. Thanksgiving Morning Dad and his boys went hunting. Braden still hadn't filled his antlerless elk tag and neither had Dad. I stayed home with cooked turkey, stuffing, salads, pie, and the little girls. We were getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. With about 30 minutes to go the phone rings.

Dad: "Well, Braden got his elk"

Me:(muffled sigh) "GOOD! So how far away are you"

We were only 30 min. late to Thanksgiving dinner but, Braden had a nice conversation topic.

Friday morning 4:00 AM My sister-in-law honks and I stagger outside. That's right, for the first year ever I have hit the Black Friday Sales. I guess it was worth it as far as the deals we got. It was definately worth it because we had such a great time! I Love my Sister-in-laws! They are definately Ladies of action!!

On our way home at about 11:00AM We were about five minutes from home when we pass Roger and the boys. They were on their way to the mountain to do a little more hunting. So now I have two Elk and some frozen venison that I have to bottle and Jerk, and here I sit Blogging.

Finally, Trationally, we went out Saturday and got our Christmas tree!! I'm thinking that this is, probably, one of my most favorite days of the year!

enjoying the snow while getting tree's

playing in the snow


Julie Harward said...

I was commenting on "The Stone House" blog and I saw "Ridin' the Range"...I thought oh, that can't be you..but it was! Congratulations on the elk, bet your son was high for a week! We went out for trees fun! Come say hi :D

Adams Family said...

I would love to go out and get the tree like that and I love elk jerky, do you use a smoker, or dehydrator, or what? Sounds fun.

Boy Mom said...

I really like Aubreys toothless grin. She's all girl that one.

Did you get a good tree this year?

I am impressed that you know how to bottle elk and venison.

Techno Grandma said...

I about cried when I saw the elk hanging from the old tractor bucket. That's how Stan always lifted his deer to skin and cut it up. Thanks for the memories...

I LOVE YOU said...