Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chancee's Chattering's

Well, It's official, We've decided to keep her.
Chance came into the room where Roger was sitting in a chair holding Oaklee and asked.....
"Dad, Can we keep her?"

Roger trying to keep a strait face say's "um....Why should we keep her?"

Chance began a narrative of reasons why he thought we should keep his little sister.

"Because, when she get's older she can play Board games with me and because I love her and ....." on and on and on.........
We were so busy trying not to laugh at his animated expressions that neither Roger and I can remember the whole list of reasons he gave us.
So animated !We sure love our Chance!!!

And yes, I guess we will keep our little Oaklee.

Ah, HECK, I guess we'll keep them all!!!