Monday, October 29, 2012


Well, State Volleyball is done.  we didn't place very high but this was one of those years....a few changes here and there with the coaching and such.  But We played St Josephs first who went on to take second place we beat them two out of the five sets. We are a great team!!!! It was just us not being able to keep our confidence levels up high enough to make it happen.  If my girls new how good they really other words this year we had a lot of teams packed with seniors and we held our own with our one senior.  Through it all. (The season).

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Chance

Here's a birthday cake for my little marine biologist. 
Tomorrow is his birthday.  We got him a puppy for his birthday.  His dad was feeling bad that he was turning 7 and had never had a puppy of his own.  Well, he does now =) you've never seen a happier kid.
well until he see's his cake that is.  This is the kid that finds GREAT joy in everything!!!! that's what I love so much about him. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A thousand things to work on!!

I was born to a family who thrilled at the joy of language who thought deeply and contemplated the mysteries of life.  I remember as a child the excitement and joy I felt as my family sat around the dinner table or wood stove or perhaps just stood around in the kitchen while dinner was being prepared and enjoyed the beauty of discussion.  I don't remember ever feeling like what I said was of no value.  I never felt mocked or ridiculed by others. Teased, yes but with the understanding that I had said something worth being teased about, and I learned to laugh at myself.  I'm so grateful to have learned to speak to think and apply the lessons of life to my life.
I have had an amazing experience with the girls volleyball team.  Truthfully, I haven't loved it.  It's been a hard three months, with the understanding that things that are hard help us to learn and grow.  The girls have had a ruff season.  They are an extremely talented bunch of girls with a lot of ability and potential.  The thing that I hadn't anticipated or remembered about high school girls is what has made it difficult for me.  I forgot how emotional and moody high school girls are.  They are at an age where they are developing emotionally. They are trying to learn where they fit in this world.  You have some girls that are reserved and quiet who sink into the background and seem to be the brunt of meanness   You have some that think they are somehow extremely important and have to make all the decisions in life for themselves and all those who want to be considered special enough to have their attention or leadership.  You have some who are tender hearted and full of compassion and love for those around them who aren't really considered part of the "group"  It hurts them but it's not that important.  You have some girls who spend their time brown nosing all the people who seem to be "cool" and never seem to be happy when they get their attention.  You have the girls with immense dreams who deep down know that they aren't quite as good as they would like but nevertheless continue to work hard and dream big.  You have the girls that cover up their hurts and pain with loudness.  Those that cover their pains with pouting.  and on...and on....
So, yes this has been a long and trying three months that I wouldn't trade for anything.  I've remembered how hard it is to grow up.  I've remembered who I was as a teenager. I have tried, perhaps a little to hard, to teach these girls that despite their age and maturity it is possible to work together as a team.  At our last game we were on our third set.  we play up to five sets with the winner winning three of the five.  Our first set we lost 24 to 25 very close and exciting set.  The second set we fell apart and were clobbered I called a time out at one point and had the girls circle up and then told them to turn around they looked at me kind of strangely but did it.  I explained to them that they were coming together as a team but they were doing it with their back to each other.  I asked them if they could see how useless it was to try to solve their problems with out facing each other and really communicating..  The third set we played neck and neck with the opposing team being down most of the game. At one point we were down by two or three so I called a time out.  I asked the girls if winning the game took as simple a thing as talking to each other on the floor and encouraging each other and really coming together why wouldn't they do it.  when the score was 25 to 25 the girls refused to quit and began fighting as a team.  They wanted to win...BAD.  because you have to win by two points we had a rally that went back and forth for probably 30 minutes...or so it seemed... the final score ended up being 35 to 33 (I think) with us loosing.  Not a bad thing.  I was so excited to see these girls finally look each other in the face and seem to figure out how to pull together and let go of all the inequality amongst them and start to play together.  It was, simply said, beautiful.
We now face Region on Friday and Possibly state the next weekend.  I hope and, yes, pray that these girls will be able to remember what they learned and apply it in these last games of the season.  It has been a long and difficult season, with a lot of learning involved.  I just hope that the girls know that it has all been worth it.   I hope I can remember all the lessons I've learned  and be able to do as I learned in my youth and apply these lessons to my life and use them as I continue to raise my children.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the rest of the doors done....sort of.

three of the four doors that I've painted 

and the fourth door at the end of the island.
                          All I have left to paint are the outside doors.. yay!!!!   oh and some windowsills.   = )

Sunday, October 7, 2012

General Conference

Aubree turned 10 this year and so we are headed up to the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference. Somehow we started a tradition of going each time one of the kids turn 8 we finally are going even though we're a couple of years late.  It's a fun experience.  This year Chance and Oaklee are going with us even though they can't go in with us.  Jan graciously, said that she would be willing to take them to temple square and watch them for us during the session.  Those two little ones can hardly contain their excitement they are just sure that this is the best "family b'cation" ever!!!  funny, cause I think it's because Jan's going.  So thanks Jan!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

a hard decision

Yeah, It's been over two years since our remodel and I haven't painted the doors in my kitchen.  this is what they have all looked like.  I decided today that I was going to choose a color and paint the doors.

This of course dose not show the true color but....I think I like it.  It's not to bold but it isn't just plain white either.  

There what do you think?  Should I have gone red or less brown.  I also have to remember that these doors are open most of the time, except my pantry door. I actually kinda wanted something bold and colorful but with five doors it would be a bit much.