Thursday, October 4, 2012

a hard decision

Yeah, It's been over two years since our remodel and I haven't painted the doors in my kitchen.  this is what they have all looked like.  I decided today that I was going to choose a color and paint the doors.

This of course dose not show the true color but....I think I like it.  It's not to bold but it isn't just plain white either.  

There what do you think?  Should I have gone red or less brown.  I also have to remember that these doors are open most of the time, except my pantry door. I actually kinda wanted something bold and colorful but with five doors it would be a bit much.


Jenny said...

Funny, but I was imagining red in my mind. I like the brown better than what I was imagining.

Adams Family said...

I never even think about the ability to paint anything to make it look better. They look great. Your entire house does.