Monday, September 24, 2012

Chancee's chatterings and a few more pictures

                                                                        Trying to decide if I should cancel the school pictures packet and just go with what I've got.  
This one is the one Chance picked of himself.  So  I guess it'll do.  I love this kid.
I finally decided to go with this one as the one that hangs on my wall all year.  I love Oaklees Cheese smile.                                      
So if you look close at this one you may get Chancee's little chattering.  We were sitting at the computer looking at pictures.  This one was my favorite.  Chance stared at it for a minute and then said. "HMMM, Look at that you can see both my brains."  WELL, no wonder the kids so smart.  Who knew he had two brains?


Cheyenne said...

Loved the one you picked of little miss! :) what a handsome, funny lil' boy too! ha!

susan said...

Those are some gorgeous kids, even the double brained one. I say cancel the school pics.

Jenny said...

Lol! Yeah just cancel the school pics. These are way better.

Techno Grandma said...

I doubt the schoolpics would show the second brain.

Adams Family said...

Cancel and buy something else that you've been needing then every time you look at their pictures you'll say. They are so cute, and I love my new shower curtain....or what ever.