Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall ride on the mountain

I think this is a beautiful time of year we had a rare opportunity to go on a Sunday drive and we went.
 Our first stop was a pretty view of the desert and the Henry mountains My camera just dosen't capture the real beauty.
 Seeing as how Grandma was with us and my camera I tried to get a good family picture.  this was the best out of the three.   SIGH Caib never really does like to pose for the camera.  
  We stopped at a pretty little lake called Snow Lake
 Of course Braden took on the roll of irritating and teasing big brother and pretended to throw Oaklee in.
 This one made me laugh after  his teasing, Oaklee wasn't about to let him get away with it.  It looks better when you click on it to see it bigger.
 Chance and Aubree didn't get out of the big brother teasing younger siblings and of course Caib had to get involved as well.  All in good fun.
Proof that Grandma came along.

As we headed back to the car I thought this would make a cute picture. 
I love the light, and shadows at this time of the year.


Adams Family said...

It is sad that I can't come down there more. It is so pretty.

Jenny said...

So that's where you all were when I called. ;) Way more fun for mom than listening to me complain.

Suz said...

Love it! Especially the shadow pic.....