Sunday, September 9, 2012

16 years....almost.

It's Sunday, a day of rest. As I've sat here resting from a busy week I've had time to think about my almost 16 year old.  He'll turn 16 on October 1 I'm pretty proud of this kid.....and it's not because This morning at about 7 AM his dad Hollered down the stairs and asked him and his brother to get up and go check on the cows up at Fish Lake and he popped up and got ready and headed up with out any complaints and then was back in time to get ready for church.  It's not because when I hobbled in from church (My ankle still hasn't completely healed) and found him putting the last pieces of silver wear on a the completely set table so that we could eat a quick dinner before Dad and Caib had to run to Richfield to get Caib's Braces put back together, and then he went out and saddled two horses so that when Caib returned they could head back up on the mountain to keep the cows off the fence He may have made them a couple of sandwiches to take with them as well.  It isn't because he hit two doubles yesterday  at his baseball game plus a few singles and an almost home run while I was inside the high school coaching the girls volleyball. and then when the baseball team finished playing their games he comes in with team and cheers his loudest as the volleyball girls play their hearts out and then pitches in to help when the Baseball team cleans the gym,  Or because he manages to do fairly well in school without any help from his mom. I think my favourite thing about this kid is that he's fun to be around and joke with.  That he loves his little brothers and sisters and though he teases them a bit much...when he's gone they all tell me how much they miss him.  I think it's because he's a good example to them and life has been so much better these last 16 years because he's here to share it with.  Thanks Braden for helping life be a whole lot better then it ever had been.  Happy Birthday in a few weeks.


Jenny said...

:) Those are all great reasons to be proud and love him. Does that sense of humor still enjoy Veggie Tales? ;)

Cheyenne said...

Yes, and a Happy Birthday to your son, who is a good example to ALL!

I never let you know how sorry I was to hear about your ankle. I had read earlier posts and had screaming babes to run to before I had a chance to comment. Seriously-injuries like that are so darn tough and I'm so sorry.

Adams Family said...

I don't think you mentioned how cute he is getting. He seems so willing to do that I don't know why when I asked him to bust some dance moves with me at Sarah's wedding he said no.